Monday, March 31, 2008

How could I?

How could I possibly post the upcoming pictures. It should not be done. No it should not. I should not post them about, when your mother is out. Oh... sorry, broke into a little Dr. Seuss there.

No I should not post these pictures... But I am going to anyway.

Sunday morning we woke up to snow.

Monday morning we woke up to snow.

This afternoon it snowed some more. Hey, I wasn't really even complaining. That is until the wind started to blow. I was enjoying the spring storm for the moisture it was bringing. But nooooooooo it had to go and start blowing.

Isn't this pretty? What? You don't think so? Come on, it doesn't get much prettier than this. In the middle of the picture there is a small herd of antelope, seriously, there is. They trotted right by my house and told me just how much they are enjoying the weather today.

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Wrena said...

Whew, you have snow! Ours has ALL MELTED We have none and the ice is gone too!