Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Terror on the Farm

The fears of farmers and ranchers are real. What are the markets doing? How will the weather effect their crops? What if the animals become sick? Will it be a tough winter? The fears are real. Farmers and ranchers deal with these daily. But one day things became more than they could deal with. The farmers left their fields. They left behind their animals. They were dealing with fears of a new kind. It was more than they could take. There was fright. There was panic...

A giant threat, the likes of which they had never seen before invaded their quiet peaceful farm. As the farmers fled they opened up the gates with the hopes that their animals would run to safety.....
But it was too late. The animals in all their speed were just too slow for such a threat as they encountered. More animals ran. It was a fear they had never known.
Grasping hands tried to help the poor animals...Finally the beast released his grip on the animals and let them all go. Dinosaur control came to help the farmers and the beast was captured. The beast now lives on a Dino preserve west of the county. Security is tight, however it is believed the giant beast has escaped. He was last seen headed to a small cow/calf operation in the area. Be on the lookout and call security if you see the beast. Please call 1-800-NO-DINOS for any report on his whereabouts.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Sunsets

This sunset picture was taken on my drive home Saturday night. Here is a little teaser for next week. I took these pictures right next to a one room school house..........

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Liberty Bell

What do a pencil and the Liberty Bell have in common? Stay with me to find out.....
We were driving through town the other day checking on fall color and just killing time. We drove past the capitol and looked at the many statues there. Then we drove past a replica of the Liberty Bell. A conversation ensued from there:

Me: Boys, do you know what that is?
Boy 2: It's a bell.
Me: Sure, it's a bell, but do you think there is something special about it?
Boy 1: Well, there's a crack in it.
Me: Very good. Do you know what we call that bell?
Boy 1: Is it the Liberty Bell?
Me: Yeah! That's right, good job. How did you know that?
Boy 1: I just remembered.
Me: Is that the real Liberty Bell?
Boy 1: Yeah.
Me: Actually, it's a replica. A replica is something that looks just exactly like something else. So this isn't the real one but it looks just like the real one. Do you know where the real one is?
Boy 1: I don't know.
Me: The real one is in Pennsylvania. ... Can you both say Pennsylvania?
Boy 1: Pennsylvania
Boy 2: Pennsylvania
Boy 2: Mom, is that where they make pencils?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love Photoshop

I am really having a ton of fun with Photoshop lately. I just threw this together during Little Man's nap this afternoon. Yes, I should be staining the wind fence right now, but I thought a little creative break would be nice. And I managed to get this done, too. Okay, that's all my fun, back to staining my wind fence, you heard right- wind fence. And for those of you that live where it isn't windy, please enjoy your day today. Thank you.
Bode 12X12

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Insignificant Milestone?

You hear a lot about infants and children's milestones.

Such as holding head steady, rolling over, crawling, walking, talking, the list goes on.
However, I have one milestone that I love for my children to achieve. Sure the rest are all great milestones and I'm sure the "experts" love telling us when our children should approximately accomplish each milestone. However, they left one big milestone out.... putting their arms through sleeves. This may not sound like much but trust me, it's an important milestone! Have you ever tried to push a cooked spaghetti noodle though a little hole? Okay, neither have I, just looking for an example. I'm sure it would be about as easy as getting a little baby's arm through a sleeve.

So, is a baby pushing his arm through a shirt sleeve insignificant? I think not!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all!

GET READY.......
GET SET......
On Satuday the boys and I were in town to walk around the lake and check for an signs of leaves turning color or falling. SURE ENOUGH! The first round of trees have done just that. We'll be going back for sure to soak in some of that color.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Sunsets

This picture was taken in the exact same location as the Train Sunset in my header. The only difference is that there was no train. I waited for a few minutes but by the time a train did come by the flaming colors had faded.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just the boys

I have really enjoyed playing with Photoshop lately. Of course with three boys in the house and my little man needing lots of attention, the only time I really get to work on these are late at night. Seeing as how I am a night owl anyway, this seems to be working for me - that is except for the getting up part in the morning. I am tired but what can you do? Um, these are my boys right? Okay, just checking, I'm so short on sleep I just wanted to double check these are my punks. Yup, I recognize the orneryness oozing from the pictures. Check. They're mine.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Anyone want to take a guess?

We worked on a little project this morning. Anyone care to take a guess as to what we are making?????? Click on the picture if you need to see it a little bigger.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who is this boy?

Who is this boy? I was looking at these photos from a photoshoot we did a couple weeks back. When I took the pictures he certainly was my 7 year old boy. But now, looking at these photos, it is like he is someone else. A boy older than he really is.He is confident, caring, funny, eager to learn, eager to please. He seems like a young man sometimes with the things he says or does. Though he loves to play with his friends, pretend and generally goof off so I know he is still a boy.

What happened to that little boy I brought home from the hospital so many years ago? The one I toted over and over again to the doctor? The little toddler learning to walk? That little boy of mine on his very first day of school? There is no stopping these kids from growing up, is there? And really, I wouldn't have it any other way. Each day is a journey, something new. I suppose tomorrow he will be filling out college admission forms....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My oldest son was walking down the drive way to go wait for the bus. I noticed my little man head over to the door. He pulled himself up and sat and watched his brother and their faithful dog walk down to the road. I do believe that if the door had been open he would have crawled all the way down there just to be with his brother.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Raising Republicans?

My mom came to visit a couple of weeks ago. She and Lineman really like to give each other a hard time. It doesn't always matter what the topic is about. The going theme lately has been on the election. She is for Obama, Lineman is for McCain. My favorite saying is: "I am Switzerland". My mom decided that she would take this friendly rivalry up a step. She made an Obama sign to hang out at the door sure that when Lineman saw it he would, he would.. well, he would do something.
My middle boy liked the idea of being on Gramma's side.

My oldest boy is always one to stay on his dads side. He asked "who does Dad like?" We told him McCain and that is when he decided to make his own sign... Pro McCain!
Would you look at these boys! My oldest is so happy that he made a sign for his dad. And that grin on Lineman pretty much says it all. As for my middle boy? He switched sides to be with his dad. Not sure, maybe Lineman is raising republicans.
As for me.... I am Switzerland.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Sunsets

This picture was taken a about two weeks ago. Our skies had been full of smoke from the Cody fires, all the way at the other corner of the state. The wind pattern was just perfect to send it our direction. The days were hazy and the smell of smoke was in the air... but boy did it make for a gorgeous sunset.

Friday, September 12, 2008

When it comes to Wranglers...

.... we like to start 'em young!

And I just love this little belt. It went through the 1st go 'round with our oldest boy. Then the 2nd go 'round. Now it looks like it is ready for the 3rd go 'round. The belt is surely in the running for the winner of the all around. It does more than just look good, too. It can make a wonderful toy on a Sunday morning, or anytime for that matter. Plus, it drives the girls crazy. And by girls - I mean me. The buckle on the other hand, it seems to be losing some steam. I guess if it doesn't make it I'll just take his dad's buckle and put it on there.... that would be a site!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Tribute When the World Stopped Turning

I thought about what to post for today. Just our National Anthem? The Flag? An Eagle? Then it occured to me that we truly cannot forget what happend 7 years ago. We can not close our eyes and pretend that it did not happen. It may be hard to see these images over again but I believe it is important to realize the sacrafice made by so many. Remember the lives lost 7 years ago. It is important to remember and thank our service men and women for all they give and do to protect our great country. May God Bless America.

9/11 Tribute

May God Bless America

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beauty in every day

Look to find the beauty in the days that may seem cloudy to us.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wrangler, the official soccer partner

I packed up all of my middle sons soccer gear so he could change in town for the evening game. When we arrived to the fields I told him to get his gear on in the back of the Suburban. I looked in the back where he was changing and he still didn't have his shorts on. I yelled something about hurrying up and to get his shorts on. Still no shorts, apparently the shorts were not included in the soccer bag. Poor kid, he must have some irresponsible parent that is unable to pack all of his soccer gear. Oh, that would be me. Uh, forget that last sentence then.

So he played in his Wranglers. Don't all great soccer players wear Wranglers? Yeah, I thought so!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Sunsets

Into the sunset..... I forgot to get out my Sunday Sunsets last week. I had better not forget today. And just to be clear as there was some confusion... My sunsets were not necessarily taken on a Sunday. I just like to post them this day.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Does it get any better than....

..... being married to your best friend?
And he is a good dad? And he is handsome? And we have beautiful children together?

No, it just doesn't get any better than that.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Beginning....

I have loved photography since I was just a little girl. I remember bending down to the camera, placing the dark blanket over my head, positioning the daguerreotype as precise as possible. The shutter speeds were so slow back then. I remember one fellow photographer had his shutter speed set at 8 hours just to photograph a building.

Okay, so maybe not. However, that is how it all began in this intriguing world of photography.

Actually, I fondly remember my 110 film camera my parents bought me. I remember pulling out the film and carefully winding it up. Eager to shoot 24 pictures and have them developed.

Things have changed. So has my photography. I shoot with an incredible Nikon and with digital I take hundreds and hundreds of photos each month.

Today I am introducing my new blog site. It is my photography blog. I am starting out on a new adventure. A joy. A love. A passion. Join me if you will.


A link is also located at the top right of the screen.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don't Faint...

Alternate Title: 30 Pounds on my back

Alternate Title: Hiking Hidden Falls

To start out, "Don't Faint" because it has been nearly a week since I have blogged. I have tried to blog daily for several months now, but golly, sometimes a girl can't just get it all done. Okay, this girl can't get it all done. But I'm tryin' here folks, I'm tryin'. And also "Don't Faint" because somehow I am in some of these upcoming pictures. You know there is a reason I am a photographer, so I'm not in the pictures!

My mom visited and we went for a 4 mile hike to Hidden Falls.

Here is the 30 pounds on my back. Actually little man weighs about 22 pounds but I'm adding on water, snacks and the pack.
This last picture is me wedging myself and the backpack for one beautiful picture. Sorry about that, but we thought it was pretty funny trying to wedge that backpack through. Don't say I didn't warn you about me being in a picture!
I told the boys to roll up their jeans so they could walk in the water and not get wet.
Yeah, so much for rolling up the jeans so they don't get wet. You would think I know my boys better than that by now. Actually, my oldest boy slipped on a rock and my mom caught it just as it happened.
That is the Hidden Falls behind the boys. I walked back there too and that water was ccccccold. I would like to go back in the early part of summer to see just how big the falls can get.

Yeah, the boys stayed really dry didn't they? And there is my awesome mom with the little man. Ah, a moment between grandparent and grandchild (Translation: Ah, a moment for mom to catch her breath for two seconds before she is ripped in twenty other directions simultaneously).

On the return trip it ended up raining on us. At first I was trying to jog to get back to the Suburban until I realized how refreshing the raindrops felt. Also, the jogging was tending to wake my passenger. Here he is before the rain started.

Boy doesn't that look comfortable? We don't have any pictures of us soaking wet because it was really raining by the time we finished up and we were eager to just crawl inside the Suburban. Great time all in all!