Friday, March 21, 2008

He's All Penguin

Briger's class has been studying penguins for four weeks now. They had a "Penguin Party" for all to come enjoy what the kids had to share. The sang an adorable penguin song that is now stuck in my head and which I sing to myself quite regularly now.

They broke into groups to talk about each type of penguin. Bridger and his good friend Isaac were in charge of the Chinstrap Penguins.

They had a little "rap" song about the Chinstrap. Bridger, our little musician was really getting into it. Nope, this kid is not shy! I am kicking myself for not taking my camcorder to record it.
Of course I was trying to keep Bode from sounding like a herd of penguins so I would not have been able to record anything anyway. I was thankful Isaac's mom took these pictures, otherwise the only memory I have would have been of Bode sucking on my finger. Hey I had to keep him quiet somehow!

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Anonymous said...

That Bridger boy was meant to be on stage! What a performer.