Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Yes, Gramma Mary has patience. Well, I guess all Gramma's do. When you look in the dictionary you'll find this: grandmother, n., the mother of one's father or mother. Puh-leeze. Is that all the better they could do? How about: grandmother, one who posses great patience, love, wisdom. One who is kind, gentle and makes a child feel so special. One who has more patience than said childs mother or father. Now this I like.

Yes, I love my children. Yes, I want the best for them. Yes, we sit and play games, read together and play together. But.... when it comes to cooking, this mom is really lacking! I would just rather get the cooking done and get it on the table. Now, on the other hand, gramma's have patience. More than I have for sure!

So this pictures definition: love, all wrapped up in patience. Thank you Gramma Mary.

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Anonymous said...

I feel so blessed to be a gramma and to be able to share time with my three amazing Wyoming grandsons. Each of them is so unique. Colter loves helping me cook and create. Here we were making egg salad for lunch, and the next morning it was crepes!