Friday, March 28, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood meets Hansel & Gretel

The return trip home was during the day, but I think the preferred method of travel in the future will be at night. Poor little man was tired of sitting in that car seat and boy was he not afraid to let it be known.

We were in the mountains when he decided he must have a bottle. I don't know but he sure is demanding. Are bottles that good? Apparently! Well, I found the neatest place to stop on this little two lane. Oh, by the way little two lane in Colorado means narrow, NOT lightly traveled. There was a playground for the boys to play on - really I was just wanting them to burn off some of that "trapped in the car energy". They played for a little bit and then went on to more "boy"appropraite activities. Yup, rocks. They scurried all over the mountain side in search of the perfect rocks.

My middle punk must have had litteraly a ton of rocks all placed inside the front pocket of his red hooded sweatshirt. It was hanging so low in the front it looked like it might win and take the poor kid down. The older one took off running calling for the middle punk to follow. Poor kid. He started off at a trot only to realize he was losing part of his load. He stopped to pick up a few of the errant rocks only for more to fall out when he bent down. He picked those up, shoved them in that red sweatshirt and took off at a trot once more. Here they come. More little rocks and pebbles falling onto the ground. After about ten feet he has a perfect little trail behind him. He stopped to pick up a few that fell leaving most behind. Oh the predicament! Brother is going ahead without him but he needs his rocks too. Ultimately he opted for brother. Some of the rocks stayed in that red sweatshirt but he sure did make a nice trail on the mountain side from the ones that fell out.

Yup, Little Red Riding Hood meets Hansel and Gretel!

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Wrena said...

like the layout! Great days your having!