Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Life is a Song: Track 2

I drove all night to get to you,

Is that alright

I drove all night

Wow, what a drive. The boys and I were going to head to Durango Saturday morning for spring break to see hubby but I upped it to Friday afternoon instead. We stopped for dinner only an hour into our trip. Not a good start I was thinking. I figured as soon as I got tired I would try to find a town with a hotel. Well, one town would pass and then the next. Would you say I am stubborn? Hmmm probably. So, we did manage to do the drive in one shot. When three boys are asleep you've got to take advantage of that! Actually they weren't all asleep. The oldest boy is quite a talker!!!! I learned a lot about penguins. Oh so much about penguins! I have to say I was impressed with all that he retained about them and other animals as well!

Well, just because I drove straight through last night I am not saying it was easy. For the last 2 hours it was solid deer and elk. And when you're tired did you ever notice how everything looks like deer and elk. And I mean everything! Really, fences do like like elk. And mailboxes? Now mailboxes really look like elk! I must have slowed down for at least 50 mailboxes last night. Hey, you never know when one of those is going to jump out into the road.

And another thing - We know that "the grass is always greener on the other side". I have now made up my new saying..."The grass is always greener right next to the road". I think the elk and the deer just sit on the roadside to mock us. I can just see them having a conversation with one another. I think it goes something like this, "Here comes a truck, let's see how slow we can make 'em go." "Ha ha, made 'em look" "Ha ha, two for flinching!"

Yes, we made it here in one piece but the next time you slow down for a mailbox think of me.


Anonymous said...

Hummm....I already have visions of putting real antlers on at least half a dozen mailboxes. Instead of "Jackalopes" how about "Boxalopes"??? It might just catch on!! ml

Justin said...

Nice choice of lyrics. Would you be referencing Orbison (good), Lauper(meh), Dion (bad) or Pin Monkey(good)? Been covered a few times :P

Anonymous said...

I am curioous if anyone has noticed this strange behaviour out of my wife?? I am getting a little concerned, I am thinking that maybe she has lost it outright. I mean just earlier today I was talking to my friend the steering wheel and we were laughing at the crazy notion that deer and elk would be able to talk---

OH wait....nevermind


Wrena said...

you make me laugh, probably cuz alot of our treks are through the night and had simular experiences! Your a great writer! I would not call you stuborn, one bit! If I had I would have 4 fingers pinting back at me! wink