Monday, March 17, 2008

So much for signs of spring...

Spring. Oh, spring. Where did you go. Why would you show signs of yourself to only say goodbye so quick? Okay, okay, you get it. Bluebirds were here - now they are gone. Grass was showing itself - now it's gone. We had three days of frost up here but lets just look at the silver lining here folks.... There are not many things in winter prettier than a hoar frost.
Here is what we woke up to this morning.

The trees were looking so good, although green would have looked awfully nice too!

This was a major hoar frost from back in November. The poor, poor aspen tree. You are looking at the tops of the branches... are they suppose to point down? Ugh, get this weight off me!

That is a good 2 1/2 inches of frost. Somehow it looks prettier in November than it does in March. Hmmm, go figure.

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Anonymous said...

We know there is green under there somewhere! Beautiful photography.