Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get Your Imagination Ready

Yesterday I had to go to the hardware store to pick up a few items I needed for a project I am working on. I went to the paint section and picked out two extendable painters poles, then I proceeded down to the plumbing isle. There I was in search of two plunger ends that I would later attach to the painters poles. I picked out two suitable plunger ends that would fit the poles perfectly.

Colter asked what these cup like things were. I told him they were ear muffs and put one over each ear. He thought that was neat enough and asked if he could carry them instead of putting them in the cart. So he carried them and we headed for the checkout.

We are walking through the store and I see a person smile at us. Hey, who wouldn't smile, there are some cute kids with me. A little further and another person smiles at us. Hmmm. Well, I am sure they smile as if to say, "brave woman, all boys". Okay, no problem. We go a little further and a man looks at us and this time we get an actual, out loud chuckle. A chuckle? Why would someone chuckle at us? Is there something in my teeth? Of course not. I am a mom of boys, think quick! Obviously it is the kid with the plunger attachments..... I turn around and sure enough there is Colt with the plungers............... placed perfectly on his chest.


Anonymous said...

This is a genuine laugh out loud story. Loved it. Hang in there, oh mother of 3 boys...the ride has only begun.

Anonymous said...

I say you best get ready as this little man will one day be a big man and you know how big men like those things!