Sunday, March 30, 2008

Very Very Interesting

My dear lineman got me a dSLR camera for my birthday. Actually he said just to just go get one, same thing really. I picked myself out a Nikon D80 and couldn't wait for the day it arrived. When UPS showed up I think the guy was a little nervous that I was going to hug him - hey I was excited, what can I say? I unpacked it with the excitement of a little boy opening up a toy on Christmas. I carefully unwrapped each item and oooed and awwwwed over every little thing. I put the battery on the charger first thing. Then I inserted the memory card and waited for the battery to be ready........... waiting...... waiting....... waiting..... FINALLY!

So I was off on my new journey with a SLR. Well, let's back up a few.... I had been reading and reading for more than a month trying to assimilate the information on shutter speeds, apertures, F-stops, you name it. I figured I would at least have some idea what I was doing.

The first few pictures I just set the camera to Auto. Humpf, what kind of fun is that? Why did I buy a nice SLR if I was only going to put it on Auto? So I switched the camera to Shutter speeds and started snapping. Oh my oh my. All I can say is thank you to the people that developed the digital camera. If I had to pay for film I wouldn't have taken another picture. I must have taken 100 bad pictures in that very first day! No kidding.

Most of those pictures I chose to delete - you're welcome. But there was this one that I chose to save. Check it out.

My crazy little cowpoke would not even so much as slow down for me to take his picture. With that slow shutter speed I managed to catch what looks like a ghost in the pic. Very interesting for sure.

  • Camera: Nikon D80
  • Exposure: 1 second
  • F-stop: f/13
  • ISO: 400


Wrena said...
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Wrena said...

I do see the spook you mention too. Erry for sure!

Wrena said...

Whoo La La!!