Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a Weirdo

And no, I am not referring to my husband.

Bwaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa

Sorry, let me recover from that for a second.

I am actually referring to our wonderful, loving, caring........ ....... dog, Koda. This is how he sleeps about every night.
He lays in this little cabinet nook in the mud room. He always gets himself into these strange positions. If he isn't laying here he is usually laying next to the door, feet against the door pointed straight in the air. And if that's not weird enough while he is laying like that with his feet in the air then he begins to dream. And we all know what dogs do when they dream... they get their feet moving like they are running. So here he is, completely asleep, some strange position, running upside down. Then he starts scratching the door while he is running in his sleep.

I am starting to wonder if it is contagious. Just tonight my middle boy wanted to sleep UNDER his brothers bed.... in a little nook, with no room, with his feet in the air..... sleep running. Well, he really did want to sleep under his brothers bed.

Think on that when you turn in for the night tonight!


Anonymous said...

He sleeps like TNT does!

I wish I could do the each season picture, but I don't make it to my gma's that much.

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Oh Carin, that was an awesome crack about the husband! Bwahahahahaha!!

My cat sleeps like that often but I had NO idea dogs sleep like that! Whoa... that's just crazy but gosh, it is cute!!
Now sleeping under the bed... egads, that's scary, too many dust bunnies under mine! I'd be sneezing all night long! LOL!

Wrena said...

LOL What 4 legged creature doesn't amaze us on there stretching abillities LOL or was your pup sleeping?

Anonymous said...

smart alec!!!!!


"Ice Pony Girl" said...

HAHA!!!! I wanna rub his belly!!!