Thursday, January 22, 2009

From 4 to 5

What an amazing year it has been for my middle boy. Looking back throughout the year it's amazing how he has grown.... in many ways. In February we were just trying to burn off energy at gymnastics lessons. We learned that no matter how much energy he burned there was always an excess of energy.

By March they were playing in the coulee's. We learned that he can take a fall, get hurt and get right back as if nothing happened.

By April the snows had melted and the puddles were deep. We learned that even the smallest puddle would ALWAYS call his name. We were even more helpless with the big puddles.

By May we learned that he would do anything for a laugh. Even putting on his dad's glasses with a Cheetos mouth.
By June he was in the fields, picking flowers for Momma. I learned that even though he is very ornery, he is incredibly loving and kind and thoughtful.

By July we couldn't keep him in the house. We learned that he had a love for the animals and a love for motocross. We figured by the time winter rolled around he might come inside.

In August we watched him have a ball in vacation to the Black Hills. We already knew this kid would and did soak in as much fun as possible.

In September he made me very happy. He learned to put that ball in the back of the net like it was second nature. I knew then he took after his mom and I was thrilled.

By October he was getting bigger. I learned he was not so big that he couldn't still fit in a baby seat.

In November he was driving my golf cart. I learned that he found another sport he enjoyed. I also learned you should never let a 4 year old have complete control of a golf cart!

In December he showed a complete lack of fashion sense(please notice goggles and slippers as well). I learned that this boy that likes his hair done and likes to look "cool", also finds a way to look totally wacky.

We also learned in December that he really, really likes to cook. He made incredible cookies like he had been doing it for years.

Now we are in January again and his birthday is here. It's been such a wonderful year and I can't wait to see what another year of growth and learning will bring us.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful son!


J K L M N O P said...

Happy Birthday! Carin what a wonderful year review!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Birthday!!!

The picture of him picking flowers for you makes me smile.

I love the fashion statement picture. The slippers with the animals on them kills me! You won't see that in GQ or whatever the fashion magazine is for men. Or does he get that fab talent from his dad? :)

Anonymous said...

Who would`a thought we would be sad to see the litle stink growing up so fast....he has been so much fun [and such a challenge] But the best is still to come now that he`s big brother and trying to help raise little brother...this will be interesting too love him cbinu

Anonymous said...

Dang gum, he's a cutie. That was a neat year in review. And here, I am struggling to think up something for a post.

Gramma Myrna said...

Happy birthday to the middle child (I'm one too). Hope he has a great one. Great post on his past year. They grow up sooooo fast!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

He's such a cutie and you did a great job of presenting his last year.


cheyest said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday boy at your house. I was just noticing Sunday how much he's grown and changed. You and Lineman have a wonderful family and I hope you can soon spend more time together. We're going to really miss you guys but we'll keep in touch through email and your blog.

Sharon said...

Happy birthday to your son, he is a cutie.
I enjoy reading your posts since we had 3 sons also and what you are going through now brings back a lot of memories for me.
God bless

Anonymous said...

How in the world did you get to be "5"!! It seems the years of
watching you grow are a blurr...
must be how FAST you are always
moving!! x0x0x0x m-b

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday little man--it can't be possible that you are five and all of those things happened in one year!!! great post Carin!!


The J's said...

Wow, you really have a wonderful post here!! Love it, and Happy birthday wishes!!

Shasta said...

I love how you did the month by month, that is so nice! Those are some great pictures too! What a wonderful little boy you have! He's adorable, I'm just drawn to little ornery boys!! Maybe because I have three! haha

Happy Birthday to him!

KcGoDfReY said...

Hey Colt nothings wrong with your fashion i looks really awsome(a little crazy) but still awsome

Brenda said...

That was so cool.... what a kid that Colter boy is!! Loved all the pictures. Hey, I didn't know you golfed!! Since when? Love the picture of Colt with the slippers and goggles.