Saturday, January 3, 2009

Too Creative!

Last year for Christmas I received this beautiful handmade scrapbook from my dad and my stepmom. The pictures were from a trip we had all made to California the previous year. I was so thrilled to get the scrapbook and I spent forever going through each page and re-living the memories.

As I was going through it I realized that some of the background paper was personalized by them as well. I first noticed it in the page above, showing my brothers family walking on the beach. I thought that was just the coolest thing ever! I leave this neat and special scrapbook out year round and I find myself looking through it often.

This year I got.... Okay, my name wasn't actually on the gift. My boys' names were on the gift, but I like to pretend it was a gift to me. So we, I mean, they got this box above. When they opened it up they saw this...

Inside they found handmade dominoes. Spiderman dominoes, just what every mom wants. Fine, just what every boy wants. The dominoes are store bought and then they go through a detailed process of changing each domino to their new look. My brothers family got Packer football dominos and now my mom has put in an order as well.

Here's another look at the dominoes. I can't say enough about these, they are truly one of a kind. I love the blue shimmery top accented by the red sides.

The bottom is all original so we play lots and lots of dominoes. The other night we played Chicken Foot, to which my middle son mistakenly calls "Chicken Fingers". Chicken Foot or Chicken Fingers, it doesn't really matter, we all love playing dominoes.

They also sent me about a dozen or more handmade cards. What a great gift idea!

Also, if you are interested they do this for a business. They sell supplies, make scrapbook elements, pages, or whole entire books for people! They make cards, paper, memory boxes and so much more. I think they are only limited by their imagination, and I think the sky's the limit with their imagination. You can check out their website here.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are great gifts. How very special to have something handmade and unique. I'll have to check out your parent's website.

J K L M N O P said...

The scrap book is very lovely!! I can see why you love it! And the dominoes are a cute idea - but with the weather being fairly mild here - the rest of this family doesn't really have the patience to sit and play a game - now basketball, baseball, football - any day rain or shine! or in the snow!

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Dominoes are beautiful. I used to play that game with hubby a lot when I was younger ... hmmm... I should get back into it.
The scrapbook is lovely as well!

Anonymous said...

Carin I sure have enjoyed looking at these will check the craft site next...Also been reviewing past pictures the red-headed mom and the red-headed son can`t decide which is the cutest! Hard to decide which loves the other more too but looks like little man`s heart is on his sleeve mine too!!cbinu

Anonymous said...

I too would have loved the scrapbook.

It's your dad who has the scrapbooking supplies?

Carin said...

Carrie, Yes it is my dad and my stepmom, they work together as a team with another friend. He does the web and computer stuff and she creates and also puts my dad to work creating. They make some amazing, creative things.

Anonymous said...
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