Thursday, January 29, 2009

A look back at how it started....

My blogiversary is right around the corner, on the 31st it will be one year.

If you haven't been with me since the start, I'm glad you hopped on this crazy ride. If you are wondering about the name, here is an idea of how it all went down.
When I started I had no idea what to call my blog. It was fairly generic to start with. That was until one day when I was doing laundry. Piled on top of my bed were pairs and pairs and pairs of Wranglers. It was nearly overwhelming, those little brown Wrangler tags staring back at me. I looked at those jeans, faded and full of holes. Then I looked at my three boys and my husband, each in a pair of Wranglers that were faded or had holes in them. I realized right then and there that it would be Forever in Blue Jeans at my house.

I set out the jeans on the bed, snapped a few pictures, made a new header and that was that. Forever in Blue Jeans had begun.

We are a family that likes to play when the opportunity arises. I realized that even if I had thought about having a girl, God had a plan for me and I was going with His plan. I have embraced it, even if it means a premature gray hair along the way!

I get out with the boys whenever I can. Please notice the only pink in the picture above. Yep, that's me. (There is another sweet little girl third from the right. She only has brothers and is out with the boys too.)

We had the oldest riding motorcycles at age 4.

And our middle boy was riding by age 3.

Our youngest just turned 1. He should be riding next month. Kid, I kid! Probably 3 more months.

While in college I met this man. Ornery, oh so ornery. But I fell. And a good thing I did too. He is my best friend, I couldn't ask for better.

I had always enjoyed photography but during the spring I got a DSLR. It has been a learning experience and a love.
Lineman works hard to provide for our family. It's a story I haven't delved into yet but after about 9 years as a lineman he was able to get on with the government as an inspector. The boys love to see him at work on a line job or at the substations.

The middle boy has always said he wants to be a lineman when he grows up.

I try to be some sort of Super Mom, but that rarely works. I just try to keep it together the best that I can.
I just love each of these boys that are in my life. Without them, I wouldn't be "Forever in Blue Jeans".

**** Stay tuned::: I'll be having a small contest for my blogiversary****


Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS!!! It is my favorite blog to visit...beautiful, funny, touching, creative, sentimental, ever evolving. Keep the posts coming!! m-b

countrykids MOMMA said...

Carin~This is how we re-met! I am glad to have it and it has made a difference in my life and I hope you feal the same. I am so happy to get to see your kids grow and get to know my hubbies nextakin so to speak. Rut is funny, your funny and I need a realistic laugh every now and then! Wouldn't be the same in the bloggie world without ya! Keep them coming! PLEASE!

Kristen said...

Great post - thanks for the trip down memory lane. I must have started reading your blog when you first started and didn't even realize it. It's been a joy getting to "know" you and your family. Happy Blogversary. ;) Looking forward to more from you.

hugs and chocolate from me

Michele said...

That's a sweet story... I like how you talked about your start to blogging.
I was trying to recall my thoughts to how I started and my brain is all fuzzy as to when and how I started. Now I'm sad because I used to have such a good memory to things like that... aargh.
Well, it was nice to see the whole family and the "jeans" =)
Happy Blogiversay to you. I'm really glad I got to know you.

Cy said...

I tear up...

Happy Blogiversary


The J's said...

Happy Blogaversary!! Thanks for sharing how you began.
Don't know when I found you, maybe after I joined the photo challenge blog, anyway, I love coming over for a good read!

Shasta said...

Happy Blogiversary!! I'm so glad that I found your blog, I love it and plan to stay a dedicated reader! So neat to hear how you got your name and I love that last picture of all 4 of your boys together, the two peeking their heads out from behind, too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the review love the pics and stories love your creativity...but DON`T YOU DARE PUT MY BABY ON ANY KIND OF A MOTORBIKE YET! Grumpy Gramma

Anonymous said...

Grumpy Granny-

Wow, I am at a loss for words--that has to be MY mommy!! LOL no worries though, the standing rule is that he has to be able to ride the bicycle first and after that everything is fair game!! Could be that he is a fast learner though and fair is fair!! On the other hand he could be a meathead like his dad which will probably cause another grumpy granny 35 years down the road with the same last name!! LOL


great post Carin

Anonymous said...

Happy blogging for many more years. You've got some crazy sweet times to blog about, and I love how your love for your life pours out in your posts.

But can I put in a second for Gramma's request? But then, I am raising "city boys"... I wish they had somewhere to get dirty in blue jeans once in a while.

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip down memory lane! I'm glad you started a blog as I enjoy checking in with you every morning to see what's going on in your life. One thing for sure...whatever it is will be entertaining for us. Thanks, Linda

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversay!!!!!

It seems we've been reading each others blogs forever and it really hasn't been that long. I'm so glad I found you my wonderful cyber friend!

Sharon said...

Happy Anniversary to Forever in blue jeans. It was so interesting to know how you decided on the name.
I remember have those wranglers around my house years ago also.
Our sons rode motorcycles so I enjoy seeing your boys on them.
God bless.

J K L M N O P said...

We're glad you made the dive a year ago! BTW - those jeans - get costly - especially when there just aren't any dressy enough to hand down! :) Have the same problem til recently - they're growing out of them faster than I can buy them! sigh....... My shrimp of a sophomore 1 year ago is now a giant of a senior! From 5'5" to 6'+!

The Cotton Wife said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Would you believe that I was thinking of you yesterday and singing "Forever in Blue Jeans" to myself? That's funny. I love the header! As always, I love your blog...since the first time I visited...maybe 7 months ago. Happy Anniversity, as my dork of a husband always says, because he really thinks it is a word.

cheyest said...

That's a nice walk down memory lane Carin. It will be so nice to keep up with your family when we don't see you as often.

Red Thread said...

Adding my congrats on your blogversary! I found you via the 52 photo challenge, and now I have fun peeking in and getting a good laugh. You do a great job blogging, and I look forward to getting to know your family more via the great world of blogging!