Friday, January 9, 2009

I can't believe I am about to show you this...

Alternate Title: I think I pulled a muscle.

Alternate Title: I lost my mind to show you this.

Phew, what have I gotten myself into?

For Christmas I got our second punk a great little book, "The Superhero Starter Kit". It is a great book and he is having fun with it. It came with a neat red cape, wrist guards, masks, and stickers to make your superhero logo on your shirt. He has been running, leaping, dodging and diving ever since he put the cape on.

I thought he might like more variety for masks so I made more masks out of felt. I also made more wrist guards. And I am such a good mom that I did all of that for his dog "Bolt" as well. He goes around the house, he and his super dog, saving any stuffed animal or brother that needs saved.

So when I was going to get a picture for one of my "52 Weeks" pictures I thought I would incorporate his superhero character. I made a mask for me and put on the best super hero outfit I could think of. I have pictures of us jumping in the air and looking tough. I think I pulled a muscle in there somewhere too. When I looked at the pictures I had taken I thought there was NO WAY I would EVER show that to ANYONE.

That's it. End of story.

But I said I would show it to you, so here is ONE of the pictures.

Wait, no, I can't.

Fine - here it is......

But I'm NOT showing you one of me jumping in the air. No Way!

I still can't believe I showed you this.


The J's said...

That is really really awesome! You are a great mom!! You can show us the other one for "3#" :)!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful mom. That is so funny. I really want to see the jumping one. If your vertical is anything like mine I'm sure you can get off the floor a good 4 inches! :)

Just think when your son is 80 he'll look back and remember what a cool mom he has! That'll make you what 100+ but oh well.

When I was a kid I could con my gma into anything. We use to play badminton in her front yard. At first she just did it to give me something to do, but then she actually liked it and wanted to play all the time. Don't laugh I was a farm kid and had to travel over 10 miles to find a playmate. My Gma lived just a mile away ;) She also wasn't your ordinary old gma either.

Wrena said...

Your a great sport! And I know that is not the first time I've mentioned that either! Good Work!

Shasta said...

That is just awesome! Your boys have a very cool mom to do stuff like that with them!!

Carin said...

Carrie, a 4 inch verticle jump, you have got to be kidding me, more like 4 centimeters =)

Anonymous said...

This is just too funny You just made our day!!
AAWW come on Carin show us the one where you pulled a muscle

Hohni said...

Now that is something he will remember for the rest of his life!!! That one needs to go on the board at his graduation party!!!

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

AWESOME!! That's fantastic... I love it! I would do anything to have a mom do fun stuff like this with me, you are a super cool mom!! You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

April and I were playing softball last summer. We were warming up before the game playing catch. She threw it to me and it went over my head. But that didn't stop me from jumping to catch it. April about peed her pants laughing. She told me I got off the ground maybe 2 inches. Sucks to get old doesn't it!

Anonymous said...

Oh brother- I am sure the adventures of Colt the Bolt, his dog and the MIGHTY MOMMA is coming next. Everybody,,better brace yourselves!

They will probably go on an adventure working on the case of the missing dad next. Stay turned for further updates!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, everyone... chant with me... Jumping one... jumping one... we want the jumping one. Now, keep chanting until she posts it. :)

Super mom award of the day!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Carin!! It made me think of some dumb stunt I did about a year ago, as Stacie and Diane watched, and we all three heard the POP of the muscle. Needless to say, their laughs came about as fast as the POP did!! Keep up your good work!!! Linda

Bren said...

I love the picture and how you incorporated the red color. Way cool - and I bet your kids think you are a blast. :) (I sure thought you were when I worked with you!!!) LOL