Monday, January 12, 2009

Lineman in Training

Our middle punk is full of spunk. And energy. And go. And energy... you get the idea. This is one way he shows his true colors - that he is a B-O-Y.

Sometime last year I walked into the boys' bedroom and there was our boy... climbing this post in his bedroom. Ever since then he has said he's a Lineman and he's climbing a pole. Here is what it looks like....

First you put a pillow down, I guess that makes it easier in case you "burn a pole" Burning a pole is pretty self explanatory, it's when you are up on a pole and you lose your grip with your belt or your gaffs, the sharp metal points you gouge into the pole. Needless to say you go down the pole, in a hurry, and I've been told it hurts. A lot. Especially when you get to the bottom.
You get a good grip and then it's just a leg up at a time.

Once you get to the top you admire the climb you just accomplished.
Then you sit back and relax for a few moments.
And then you climb - or jump down and marvel at your accomplishment.
Isn't it amazing the things a boy can think up.
A Boy + Winter = Anything crazy and dangerous. That's the way it is at our house anyway. How about your house?


Wrena said...


Anonymous said...


I just learned something new from kids!! Just take a pillow along and all will be good!! HMMMM have to remember that one--wonder what the guys at work will say??

He's to cool!


The J's said...

wow, he's really good at that! those bare toes help the grip!

Anonymous said...

Good job Colt!! there`s going to be lots of jobs for you in a few years.....boys who aren`t afraid of climbing are in BIG DEMAND out there Gramma in u

Anonymous said...

That's one of the greatest beds I've seen. Looks like your little man likes it too. :)

Tash said...

hey I posted on NCZPhotography. Sorry its so late!
I like your blog makeover. I have been out of the blog loop forgive me I will have to catch up!

Shasta said...

He's a pretty good little climber! My oldest is my climber, he's always scaring me. Is that a bed? That's just awesome!

Anonymous said...

That is our one "Wild and Crazy Child" him to pieces. m-b

Sharon said...

My youngest one was my climber.
We found him on the house roof one day while playing hide and seek.
Boys will never cease to amaze you.
God bless

bren said...

What a monkey boy!! Sierra was my climber. That kid would hook her toes in anywhere and climb!

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Aww... a regular monkey he is!! Those are terrific photos...
I was looking for an email of yours but couldn't find one or I was blind as a bat (which isn't unusual for me! LOL) but I just wanted to say I have a blog to replace the other one... I hope u will find it.
HUGS and Smooches!