Thursday, January 15, 2009

Room Tour

Two posts ago I posted about my middle punk climbing a post in his bedroom. I thought I would follow that up with a tour of their room. My oldest and middle boy share a room. From day one I had always envisioned a loft in their bedroom, the vaulted ceiling provided unused space so I thought it would be perfect. Lineman was NOT very enthused about the whole idea. However, I must be mighty convincing because before long we spent an entire weekend making the loft. The loft measures 6 foot by 8 foot with 6 feet of clearance below. As far as paint is concerned... I painted FOREVER with those bright colors! I enjoyed painting before my baby was born, now I would cringe at the idea of him getting into paint or wet walls.

This side next to the window is our middle punks side. I think he has about the best view since he has an island out his window that has pines and aspens. Maybe we should have traded rooms with them.

A few years ago we were at a motocross track just having some fun. As we were leaving we passed a trash can with two tires that were being thrown out. I yelled at Lineman to stop, I proceeded to get out and grab the two dump bound tires. Lineman looked at me like I had lost my ever loving mind. Well, I took those two tires and cleaned them up really good. Then I Armor All-ed them and we drilled them to the wall. I thought it was pretty creative and frugal.

Here is the other tire. I used to have posters and pictures inside them but I'm trying to de-clutter with selling the house. I absolutely love that wood toy holder there. It steps up giving dimension and it holds different size boxes that slide in. I keep the cars in one, blocks in another and so on. It is from Ikea.

Another little corner has some motocross and soccer trophies and pictures from a race.

This is my oldest sons side of the room, directly under the loft. We added an adjustable (or dim-able) light for reading. The quilt was made by my grandmother. The quilting portion of it looks like race cars, let me tell you she is one talented quilter! The posters are just out of motocross magazines, again, frugal =)

This is upstairs in the loft. I have baskets to organize the toys which still gives them lots of room to play up there. I'll be honest, it is usually messy up there but with selling the house we've kept it pretty clean. It needs vacuumed but that's one downfall, I never seem to get up there to vacuum. The space from the floor of the loft to the ceiling is enough for an adult to sit comfortably so there is plenty of room for the kids.
One problem I have is with the main support post for the loft.......
I have all the kids' measurements recorded on it. Do you think the next owners would mind if we removed the post when we move? Naaa, didn't think so.


Anonymous said...

Really cute room Carin! I think you can get another post, paint it and replace it. :) I like the colors of their room, how fun. Myrna

Alaskaninthesouth said...

What a great room! My two boys share a room as well, and I'm trying to figure how to decorate it now that they are both out of cribs...Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome room really did a great job of designing and your colors are so neat! Was wanting to ask you one question tho' there anything you're NOT good at? :)

Shasta said...

Loved the tour! What an awesome room, my boys would LOVE it! I love the tire idea, very creative. I would love some extra space like that to put toys, such a neat room!

Wifey said...

I always loved their room. I would take the post with you...definitely.

I'm glad there is someone else out there that sees potential in dumpster items and who gets strange looks from their husband. My problem is that I don't always put these dumpster item to use for quite a while...if ever. :P Kudos to you!

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

What an super duper room!
Fun colors... I would be delighted to punished and sent to MY room to "think about what I had done"... LOL

cheesychick said...

Definitely take the post. I wish I would have did that with my youngins. Thanks for the tour too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Karen Yes there is ONE thing she cannot do no doubt about it she CANNOT make up her mind most especially she cannot make up her mind in a hurry. No wonder everything looks well`thought-out IT IS

Sharon said...

What a cute room your boys have.
Yes, take the post.
I also enjoyed the lil guy and his cereal on the floor. It was so cute
Have a great weekend

thedomesticfringe said...

So wonderful! You did an AWESOME job decorating that room. I love the tires on the walls...very creative.
Take the post!

Anonymous said...

Whooaaa----you all need to quit putting ideas into her head-Itmay have only taken me a day or so to build that loft but it'd take forever to replace that post!! I have a much easier idea---------Just tell the kiddos to quit growin!!! Let me get home on occasion to see them before they are graduating!

Nice tour-


Kristen said...

Your boys have an awesome room! I love it that you're not afraid to use some bright paint! ;) Jacob would go nuts in that room...the LOVES Cars! And anything with tires really. Thanks for sharing.

Cy said...

Hey lineman, replacing the post is easier than you think... Just prop the loft up and cut the post off at the top. The use a piece of Simpson hardware (BC) to join the new post to the loft and you should be there.

You probably nailed the pieces together. I learned a long time that 3-1/2 inch screws make a project stronger and easier to disassemble.



carrielt said...

I would take the post with me too. I think that room is so cute! And I love the colors. The tire idea is so cool.