Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blogiversary Giveaway & 5 of 52

My Blogiversary is here! I was looking at my counter and I almost made it to 20,000 hits in my first year. So close....

But first..... I cannot forget my "52 Weeks" challenge. If you have only recently been visiting I'll fill you in on what I am doing. Every week for 52 weeks I will be in a picture with 1,2 or 3 of my boys or even my husband. When was the last time you were in a picture? Last week? Last month? For me I was rarely in the picture. "52 Weeks" insures that my children will know what I looked like when they were growing up. Please join me if you would like. If you do let me know so I can visit your blog. If you don't plan on doing a picture a week and don't want to participate, hey, no problem. Just remember to occasionally get in the picture with your family.

Now, on to week #5: My youngest and I were building a snowman today so I had Lineman snap a few pics for me. I don't know, the word "snowman" should be used loosely for what we made, it looks more like a stalagmite. Anyhooooo, we had fun.

On to my Giveaway!

I love a good laugh every day and it's good for your health too! Baby Blues is a fun comic strip I read every day. I have two of the books that I will read when I am in need of a good laugh, so pretty much every day I read a few strips. My first giveaway will be this fun book.....

239 pages of laughing, right at your fingertips. Hey, we all need a laugh! I have not read this book so if you win you will have to fill me in on all the good strips.
And up next, an awesome Wyoming Made candle. This is a Madelines Scents candle in Vanilla Bean. Mmmmmmm, I burned one of these all last winter and this fall. She makes fab-u-lous candles and you will not be disappointed.

So, to enter just leave me a comment about winter. Yes, winter. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Is it even cold for you? What do you do?
I like to build stalagmites out of snow with my kids, that's what I do. Oh, and I must confess I have a pet peeve about winter...... I hate when the parking lots are covered in snow and suddenly people are unable to park in a straight line. Try going to our mall the next time it snows, you will see what I mean. But all in all I LOVE winter, it gives me a chance to burn Madelines Scents candles.

Leave me a comment about winter and you will be entered =)

Now go build a stalagmite. Or a snowman. Whatever.


Anonymous said...

I am SICK of winter!!! I want Spring. Yes, I'd much rather talk about spring and flowers blooming and beez buzzing...
Oh, sorry, I'm supposed to talk about winter. Well, I guess winter is ok for a month, but after that, it's time for spring. I'm freezing!

Congrats on your first year of blogging. Love your new header.

cheyest said...

Do I like winter? Not nearly so well as I did 40 years ago! But if it doesn't stay too long, get too cold or blow too hard it's tolerable.

The J's said...

I don't like winter anymore, I used to. I think that was before I had to deal with all the mess & extra time & effort that dealing with 12 kids and snow & cold makes. Before I actually had to make sure that I had a supply of winter coats, boots, hats & gloves for said 12, then had to help get them on and off. That's such a wimpy excuse not to like winter. Really I just don't like the cold, although I love the fireplace going & the the warmth of candles & baking in the winter!
Thanks for getting me started on the 52, it's been much more fun than I thought it would be!

Anonymous said...

I think that the picture a week is a wonderful idea. Too often, I find myself behind the camera, not in the middle of the action. But I think I'm terribly un-photogenic, so that is probably why.
Congrats on the aniversary.
I'm a new reader who hates the cold winter. I live in OK. It doesn't stay cold for very long at a time here. Might be 20 one day and 70 the next; it's weird.
I also enjoy the Baby Blues cartoon.

Shasta said...

I love your snowman, I think it's just fine. We can't even build one because our snow has a layer of ice on it and it just ruined it for snowman building. It's nice and slick for sledding though, we're going out again today!

As for a winter comment..I hate winter. It's my least favorite season. I have great memories of playing in the snow as a child, and I love snow, but I hate suffering through the cold. I hate wearing layers of clothing and trying to fit bundled up kids into their carseats. I wish it could snow in 60 degree weather. haha.

Great prizes, btw!

parose said...

I don't mind winter...although I've never lived in a snowy State. In California, where I lived most of my life, we had to travel up to the mountains to enjoy the snow. In Texas...well, I'll let your imagination answer that question. Cold is okay if you just need a sweater. I love to have a nice fire in the fireplace and listen to the crackling flames as they lick the wood, but Spring is my favorite time. I love the new lawns again and the flowers blooming! Makes me feel new again too! I love fresh starts!

Anonymous said...

Being in Central Texas, winter's not so bad here! In fact, the last week of January & first week of February is about the total of our winter. we see temperatures under 25 degrees.

I love your website and check it every day!

Red Thread said...

I am starting to feel a little bad for poor winter. He sort of gets a bad rap. Do you think its possible to love and hate a season at the same time. I think most of us would be in agreement, if we could have all the fun Mr.Winter has to offer...skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowmen, snowforts, not to forget how beautiful the landscape looks with a fresh snowfall. IF we could have all that at 70 degrees we would all embrace winter. Then again with cold we get...cozy fires, hot chocolate, time to read a good book. I really don't mind me tomorrow when the mercury dips back down, and you will get a different answer. Everyone gets tired even of a "good" thing...time for winter to get a move on, and time for spring to start doing her thing. I wonder why I just refered to winter as Mr. and spring as Ms. Weird.

Kristen said...

Winter? What's that? ;) (Ducking as some of you are wanting to hit me now.) Seeing as I've lived in TX and FL pretty much all of my life I can't go on about how I dislike winter. I do love a fire in the fireplace once it gets down into the 40's or below. I've never built a snowman in my life, or gone ice skating anywhere other than at the mall. Can I come visit you for just a FEW days so I can experience some winter fun without having to live there and deal with the inconveniences for an extended amount of time? ;)

BTY - I LOVE Baby Blues!!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind winter...we have 70* one day, snow for a couple days and then 55* degrees again! :-) I do miss the big blizzards we used to get, snow days were great!
(I check in often but never comment. :-)Also, thanks for the push to get us moms in the picture more!)

Carolyn said...

I love everything about winter..... Except for the cold, and for the bad roads, and for the wind...ooops, what do I love about the winter? The big fluffy snowflakes when they are coming down (when the wind isn't blowing), the pure white snow after it has just fallen, the sculpture of the snow drifts after the wind has started again.

Jill said...

I'm with you Carin- i love winter! I Love to go tubing with the boys and snowmobiling in the mountains with my family. Snowmen, also! But the best thing is to get cold and then come in the house for hot cocoa and fresh baked cookies and cuddle up under the blankets! Only bad thing- driving on bad roads and the wind! Okay- why do i live here!?? Good question! Probably because there are more fun things than bad things about winter! I love your blog! Keep up the good work and come out and snowmobile with us!

Anonymous said...

I love winter...just love it. Summer is too cotton pickin' busy on the farm, but life slows down in the winter. I love the cold, love the way it feels when I breathe the cold, cold air in my lungs, and I blow "smoke" from my mouth. I also like to take naps in the winter. That's something that just is not possible in the summer. And the snow, don't get me started on the fun of snow. It's nature's way of giving us free entertainment. Although, as I write this, with my knee propped up with ice on it, after a long day of sledding, I'm not so sure! ha

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, seems to often cause a love-hate relationship with folks!! I think that as the years go by I more often comment that Arizona would be a good place to be. Or maybe Kauai!! Congrats on 1 year of great work. Linda

Michele said...

Winter is beautiful in its own special way. It is extremely photogenic and probably that's all depends on where you live. Up here in the Rocky Mountains, the crisp white snow hits every nook and cranny and produces the most vivid, awe inspiring photos you will ever see, I just need to learn how to take them properly. So for now, I take them with my mind if I can't capture them properly with the camera!
But to see the snow draped over the Douglas firs and birch trees and blanketing the streams and rivers, gives a whole new world to the Mountains. Winter can be a magical scene!

But it is icky when you need to go out and tackle those elements to function in everyday life. It's difficult and as pretty as it looks, it can bite you in the butt!

I loved your snowman post! So funny!


Kate said...

"Stuck in the Snow Again!" This is how I will forever remember winter. My oldest son Fischer played this game all winter last year because we literally were snowed into our house several times. Chris had to ride a snowmobile down to feed our cows, and had to move heifers with the snowmobile because the snow was too deep for his horse!!! Here is my story:

The Winter of 2007

The winter of 2007 was the worst winter in 30 years. We were literally SNOWED into our house several times throughout the winter. We had to snowmobile in our groceries, and stuff insulation in the cracks of our log house because the wind was blowing so hard. Owen and Willis helped us out a bunch, and Fischer loved riding with Owey in the snowblower. I remember Chris had to spend all Christmas day driving the snowblower. The kids and I rode in the tractor with G’pa George on Christmas day because it was the only way we were going to make it to George and Susie’s house. We were snowed into George and Susie’s house several times this winter, and we only live a couple miles away. I have a picture of the kids and I sitting on the snowmobile right before meeting at Willis and Kathy’s house. We had to snowmobile out to Chris’s truck that was parked on the county road. At first we tried to snowmobile with everyone on, but we didn’t make it over the first drift. So Chris took Fischer first, and dropped him off with Clayton. Then he came back for Hazen and me. Chris had to stand up while we balanced Hazen’s carseat in between us. I just held on for dear life. I will never forget the way our dogs were looking at us. I think they thought we were crazy! We made it to meeting in one piece though, and it was so worth it.
Fischer played Stuck in the Snow Again all winter. He would find tractors, trucks, semis, payloaders and even his food on his tray to play with for his game. He would vroom really loud, and then announce he was “stuck in the snow again.” At night right before bed he would lean over and tell me that he was “stuck in the snow again.” It was our nighttime ritual to ask what he did during the day, and he was usually “stuck again.” He was literally stuck in the snow several times this winter in either a truck, car or tractor. I will never forget when he announced that G’ma Susie was stuck in the snow again. She took us home in her Excursion, and then I headed to our back bedroom to do some cleaning. I just thought Fischer was playing his usual game of Stuck in the Snow Again, but low and behold I heard a faint knock on the door. G’ma Susie was really stuck in the snow and mud! She had to wait inside until G’pa George brought the tractor to pull her out. During calving, Fischer started to be stuck in the mud and dirt too. I guess that just shows you what a little rancher kid will play, especially after the winter we experienced. There were several times during this winter that I thought I would mentally need some help!!! J It really drains a person emotionally and mentally to be snowed in. This winter actually spurred me into action to scrapbook because I needed something to preoccupy myself. I am going to be way more prepared for the Winter of 2008. I am going to scrapbook like mad, and Hazen will probably join Fischer while they are playing Stuck in the Snow Again.

Anonymous said...

I hate that it takes me 45 minutes to drive 12 miles when our roads are icy. I would much rather have it 100 degrees than 0.

I was reading the newpaper the other day and I almost had to scan the Baby Blues for you because I could just see it happening in your house.

Hohni said...

Winter wouldn't be quite so bad if it would just get above 20 degrees some of the time. We've been in artic freeze for a month now and I'm ready for some sun and 30 degree temps. We have plenty of snow, now just need some sun so that we can attempt to go outside. So much to do and can't even be out for more then a few minutes. We did have a beautiful weekend, but it's back down to 15 degrees today and sub zero temps for tonight!!!

Gramma Myrna said...

I do not like winter. I am totally a summer person. I am cold pretty much year round so in the winter I'm really cold. I do love Wyoming though but with the wind and the winter I'm really not sure why! I love the looks of winter, everything that's ugly is covered in snow and looks clean (for a while) but I just hate the cold.

Anonymous said...

Winter is definitely a mixed bag of reviews.
The GOOD- stunning landscapes of pure white, trees majestically frosted, air so crisp you think it can snap, rich hot cocoa, flannel sheets
The BAD- putting on lots of layers before you can go outside, cold hands, gray days, closed windows
The UGLY- black ice, crummy visibility when driving
But...when it is all said and done, the good sure outweighs the bad...especially when one is lucky enough to take a mini sun
escape! m-b

Sharon said...

I love your snowman. I do not like winter at all. I did enjoy it when I was younger, but now my bones can't take the cold.
Bring on the warmer days.
God bless.