Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bringin' out the big guns for #5

The middle boy turned 5 and wanted to have a Laser Tag birthday party. Knowing this won't be possible once we move I really wanted him to have the chance to do this kind of a party. It worked out great.

Here he is with the Laser Tag outfit on.

One of the dads putting on a vest. I think the parents that tried it had a blast.... I know I did!!

The vests were a little big for the smaller kids but it still worked out okay.

Or some had the adult wear the vest with the child shooting. I tell you, it was fun being an adult in there!

The vest records the amount of times you have been hit by other players and how many people you hit. Afterward you get a printout telling you how you compared to the others in the group. It was in a dark room with black lights and blinds to hide behind. They had some cool music playing but it was really hot in there.

After Laser tag the kids had pizza and cake.

I have never seen this face before. He must really want that cake. Actually, he doesn't like people to sing Happy Birthday to him, so that is probably what this face is. I think I'll go sing to him again now.

He wanted a pinata also. Both the older boys have always wanted a pinata and I had never gotten one, until this party. I had the kids go in order from smallest to tallest. So of course I had to have Little Man give it a go first!
Who doesn't love whacking on a pinata. In fact, my birthday is coming up very quickly, can I have a pinata? Filled with Photoshop and lenses? I suppose whacking on lenses may not be the best thing, so how about chocolate, chocolate is always good in my book.

I think they all had a fun time, maybe for my birthday we'll go back and do some ice skating. That is, unless I boycott my birthday. Which is very possible.


Gramma Myrna said...

What fun! And a cute cake!

Kelli said...

The lazer tag party looks really fun!! My oldest will turn 5 in April, and I am already trying to get ideas for his party....I don't think we have a lazer tag place near us though!

Staci said...

It looks like a great party! I love the cake too!

Cy said...

Hey, where's my piece of cake???

I may just have to get my laser gun out and start shooting tooooo.

Wish we could have been there.


Wrena said...

What a blast! Wyatt would have had a ball with all the boys! Great memories! I love the pic of Bode taking a turn

Shasta said...

I'm sure the lazer tag was a blast! I love the picture of your youngest and the pinata, that's adorable! We got a pinata for the first time at Mommas Boys party in Dec. The kids LOVED it! I'm sure we'll be getting another for Cade-Mans party in March.

Sharon said...

It looks like fun was enjoyed by all.
Happy 5 to your guy.
What a cute cake.
God bless

Brenda said...

FIVE?? What are you kidding me? Where does the time go Carin? What a fun party! My kids got lazer tag for Christmas one year and they sure had fun with it for awhile. Love Colter's cake too. Colt the Bolt. That pretty much sums that kid up, doesn't it? lol Hey, don't you have a birthday in February??

Anonymous said...

Let me know where your bday party will be held and I will be there. Make sure the lenses are able to work with Canon cameras.

Red Thread said...

Looks like a great time. I have never tried lazer tag, but I think I need to add it to my bucket list. My boys want me to take them to play paintball, but I am not into pain for fun.

Kristen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, boys are crazy but fun at the same time huh? I love to read blogs by other MOB's (mother's of boys), it lets me know that I am not alone. I love the lazer tag party idea. I will have to try that I bet my boys would love something like that!

Michele said...

Oh wow... what fun times! He really did have a good time, didn't he??!!
What little guy wouldn't!
This is awesome! You guys went out all the way and to see such amazing smiles on his face is amazing!!
This is exactly what I want to see on little kids.
You guys rock as parents!