Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Drat that wind!

These next pictures were taken on New Years Day. Uhggg, New Years Eve was SO windy, I wrote about that already. Anyway, we awoke with not much damage and I was quite surprised. This is the roof of the garage, not too bad really. If ripped off several and then there were the shingles just pulled up. Lineman used about 500 gallons of tar on it and all the shingles seem to be holding now.
Ahhhh, my log swing! The wind picked up the swing, threw it against the house, then threw it against the fence.

It broke one of the legs so now the swing is in it's final resting place, at the dump. Too bad we don't have a fire place or we could have cremated it.

Yesterday our house had it's first showing. I was pretty excited but that buyer isn't going to work out. I got an e-mail from our real estate agent and here is an excerpt from it:

Talked to the agent that came out yesterday and they loved your home and the agent said to compliment you because your home showed beautifully, but he said as windy as it was it made the buyers decide they did not want to live rural, not much we can do about that. Keep in mind when they start looking in town and realize the disadvantages of it they might decide the wind is not so bad.

A little disappointing for sure. Funny thing is that the wind had slowed down quite a bit during the showing. Lineman said don't get too disappointed because if we knew what we know now we may not have chose to live at this location. But really it is windy everywhere around here, just worse at our house. Bummer to that. We do have a lot of positives to our house, the incredible view is one of them, sure hope the view will really help to sell the place.

Still crossing fingers here.


Anonymous said...

It'll all work out the way it's supposed to--don't know which way that will be but something will happen--


J K L M N O P said...

A true WY - won't be scared off by a little wind :) Good look! and hopefully it goes soon!

Sharon said...

Hope that it all works out for you soon. I really can't believe that someone would pass up a view for a little wind, that is mother natures way.
Love the photos of your dog.
God bless

Anonymous said...

That sucks, but there will be more people interested. Maybe you should have made those cookies. :)