Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just the boys

I have really enjoyed playing with Photoshop lately. Of course with three boys in the house and my little man needing lots of attention, the only time I really get to work on these are late at night. Seeing as how I am a night owl anyway, this seems to be working for me - that is except for the getting up part in the morning. I am tired but what can you do? Um, these are my boys right? Okay, just checking, I'm so short on sleep I just wanted to double check these are my punks. Yup, I recognize the orneryness oozing from the pictures. Check. They're mine.


Anonymous said...

Wow- I really like that. I like the layout, hope you frame one up for the house!


The J's said...

Very very nice! Yes, it would make an awesome one framed on the wall!!

Cunninghams said...

Hello, I just clicked on your site from the Pioneer woman website, I love the little collage you did with the boys, Would you mind terribly telling me how you did that? I have photoshop but sometimes have a very frustrating time with it but I really want to learn how to do things like that. My name is Teri and my e mail address is
Thanks so much.

Jocelyn said...