Monday, September 15, 2008

Raising Republicans?

My mom came to visit a couple of weeks ago. She and Lineman really like to give each other a hard time. It doesn't always matter what the topic is about. The going theme lately has been on the election. She is for Obama, Lineman is for McCain. My favorite saying is: "I am Switzerland". My mom decided that she would take this friendly rivalry up a step. She made an Obama sign to hang out at the door sure that when Lineman saw it he would, he would.. well, he would do something.
My middle boy liked the idea of being on Gramma's side.

My oldest boy is always one to stay on his dads side. He asked "who does Dad like?" We told him McCain and that is when he decided to make his own sign... Pro McCain!
Would you look at these boys! My oldest is so happy that he made a sign for his dad. And that grin on Lineman pretty much says it all. As for my middle boy? He switched sides to be with his dad. Not sure, maybe Lineman is raising republicans.
As for me.... I am Switzerland.


Anonymous said...

What a keeper of a picture, and a great story to go with it. I have one son who has been Obama from the start, and his dad has had a few conversations with him about policy and the parties. I, personally, agree with your stance.

TheCottonWife said...

I think I'd be Switzerland too! Seems like the safe option.

My oldest daughter (the one with the gun) is (little letters) McCain and (BIG LETTERS) PALIN. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and the sequencing, but Ms. Switzerland, you can be neutral enter the voting booth. Then ????? M-B

Wrangler mom and Wife said...

All I can say is I laughted!

Sharon said...

You only have a short time to be Switzerland.
I just hope whoever gets in will straighten our this great nation.
Cute story.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing was not fair and balanced like it should have been!!! I mean really,,,what little kid can possibly say no to their Grandma? (No matter how wrong she is??) She ganged up on me when I wasn't even there!!!

(just a joke grandma, just a joke!!)


Judi In Pa said...

Gee, now I'm not sure who to vote for...those boys of yours need to be on the campaign trail. They will be sure to swing some votes! On another note, your kitchen table in one of the photos is void of the piles and piles of stuff that at the present time occupies my table! What gives? Are you one those really organized moms that I don't like? Kidding, I guess if I got off the computer and quit reading your posts, maybe my table would look like that too! Who am I kidding? I would just go find some other meaningless thing to occupy my time. Not that your blog is meaningless...not that at all...stutter...I seem to have a way of inserting my foot in my mouth even on the computer! I must find another hobby- one that doesn't insult people. Oh I know, maybe I'll go on the campaign trail.

Anonymous said...

Poor Lineman! He lives such a hard life when the MIL and sons gang up on him! ;)

Adventure girl wanna be said...

So cute and sweet!

I love, love, love your photo in your title top half!