Friday, September 26, 2008

The Liberty Bell

What do a pencil and the Liberty Bell have in common? Stay with me to find out.....
We were driving through town the other day checking on fall color and just killing time. We drove past the capitol and looked at the many statues there. Then we drove past a replica of the Liberty Bell. A conversation ensued from there:

Me: Boys, do you know what that is?
Boy 2: It's a bell.
Me: Sure, it's a bell, but do you think there is something special about it?
Boy 1: Well, there's a crack in it.
Me: Very good. Do you know what we call that bell?
Boy 1: Is it the Liberty Bell?
Me: Yeah! That's right, good job. How did you know that?
Boy 1: I just remembered.
Me: Is that the real Liberty Bell?
Boy 1: Yeah.
Me: Actually, it's a replica. A replica is something that looks just exactly like something else. So this isn't the real one but it looks just like the real one. Do you know where the real one is?
Boy 1: I don't know.
Me: The real one is in Pennsylvania. ... Can you both say Pennsylvania?
Boy 1: Pennsylvania
Boy 2: Pennsylvania
Boy 2: Mom, is that where they make pencils?


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Larsen's in Wyoming said...

That's cute, I'm glad you're recording these moments with your boys, they'll love to read them in a few years.

Anonymous said...

That is very sweet!!!

Our main internet hookup is in the shop and it's satelite. If its raining or really windy then the satelite doesn't pickup the signal. But we use a router to get it into the house which is about 70 yards away.

I was once on the phone with Dell for 2 hours because I thought something was wrong with my laptop since I couldn't get on the internet. Then I thought I wonder if the computer in the shop can get on. Nope. That was a well wasted two hours.

Anonymous said...

Way too precious! I love the innocence of youth. M-B