Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don't Faint...

Alternate Title: 30 Pounds on my back

Alternate Title: Hiking Hidden Falls

To start out, "Don't Faint" because it has been nearly a week since I have blogged. I have tried to blog daily for several months now, but golly, sometimes a girl can't just get it all done. Okay, this girl can't get it all done. But I'm tryin' here folks, I'm tryin'. And also "Don't Faint" because somehow I am in some of these upcoming pictures. You know there is a reason I am a photographer, so I'm not in the pictures!

My mom visited and we went for a 4 mile hike to Hidden Falls.

Here is the 30 pounds on my back. Actually little man weighs about 22 pounds but I'm adding on water, snacks and the pack.
This last picture is me wedging myself and the backpack for one beautiful picture. Sorry about that, but we thought it was pretty funny trying to wedge that backpack through. Don't say I didn't warn you about me being in a picture!
I told the boys to roll up their jeans so they could walk in the water and not get wet.
Yeah, so much for rolling up the jeans so they don't get wet. You would think I know my boys better than that by now. Actually, my oldest boy slipped on a rock and my mom caught it just as it happened.
That is the Hidden Falls behind the boys. I walked back there too and that water was ccccccold. I would like to go back in the early part of summer to see just how big the falls can get.

Yeah, the boys stayed really dry didn't they? And there is my awesome mom with the little man. Ah, a moment between grandparent and grandchild (Translation: Ah, a moment for mom to catch her breath for two seconds before she is ripped in twenty other directions simultaneously).

On the return trip it ended up raining on us. At first I was trying to jog to get back to the Suburban until I realized how refreshing the raindrops felt. Also, the jogging was tending to wake my passenger. Here he is before the rain started.

Boy doesn't that look comfortable? We don't have any pictures of us soaking wet because it was really raining by the time we finished up and we were eager to just crawl inside the Suburban. Great time all in all!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day. You are supermom! I wish we had places to hike around here. But its so flat here there's nothing worth while. A guy on the radio said, "in western Kansas you can see your dog run away for three days." Cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

The hike was one of the highlights of my visit with all of you. I still can't believe you hauled that little rascal up and down and over and under. You rock as a mom.

Wrena said...

looks like great splashes in the sun?? My guess is the sun did not last long, we drove back to utah in rain, and more rain.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if it was strategic that I can't blow up the picture of you and the boys???? (chicken!!)
If I saw my dog running away I sure wouldn't watch him for three days! I'd throw a party within an hour!! (LOL)
I am so dissapointed gramma! what about getting to see me????

Looks like you all had fun!

Sharon said...

Oh my aching back.
You are a real gem to carry that lil guy on your back while hiking.
Love the photos of the boys in the water.It sure does bring back don't get wet memories.LOL

Anonymous said...

What a summer of memories you had!!! We love looking at the pictures you haven`t let #three son slow you down much kind of a good commercial for having a 'family' family!! love you cbinu

Judi in PA said...

Howdy! I have been checking your blog daily... and no updates.Thanks for sharing today. It made my day. Your blog is one of my favorites. Looks like ya'll had a great time.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to tell you it gets better, or easier, or something like that, but alas, they only get heaverier as time goes by. Especially after they leave home.