Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Tribute When the World Stopped Turning

I thought about what to post for today. Just our National Anthem? The Flag? An Eagle? Then it occured to me that we truly cannot forget what happend 7 years ago. We can not close our eyes and pretend that it did not happen. It may be hard to see these images over again but I believe it is important to realize the sacrafice made by so many. Remember the lives lost 7 years ago. It is important to remember and thank our service men and women for all they give and do to protect our great country. May God Bless America.


The J's said...

It is GOOD to be reminded...GOOD to remember. It's so easy to be complacent (sp?)

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see your blog today, I can remember exactly where I was and exactly what I was doing. I hope everyone else is as proud of America as I am. There truly is no place in the whole world that shares the liberty that we do and it has taken sacrifice from so many generations to keep us free. Your blog is a great reminder to us all to never take our liberty for granted---

Thanks for the post,

monique said...

Thanks for your post today - I was touched in watching all three videos. I was glad to be at a moving ceremony this morning at our fire dept. in memory of 9/11. It IS good to be reminded - and be aware again of the price of our freedom. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder of all that happened....and the strength and resistance of our country. M-B