Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Silhouttes

More sillhoutte pictures from the challenge. I had fun with this one of our dog, Koda. I only took just a few because it was so cold. Hello, did anyone know it is June? Feels like February to me. So we only stood out there for a brief moment to get this picture. This silhoutte has the moon in the upper left hand corner.
A Tee Pee near us. I shot this out the window of my Suburban where the heater was keeping us toasty. Again, is it June or February?


Anonymous said...

WOW....I am impressed! One of the great things about your photo challenges is that it makes you explore avenues you might not have considered. I love the teepee shot...fantastic. Plus I really love your new "opening/header" shot of the boys! Those are good lookin' punks! Gramma M
PS...COLD in Montana too. This morning I found ice in my bird bath, and I've lost several of my tender plants....ouch.

TheCottonWife said...

Those photos are amazing!