Monday, June 9, 2008

A New Exercise Class

I have just invented a new exercise class. It is called "The Ladder". Results will be seen and felt immediately. The exercise is easy to learn as well, it just takes discipline and the desire to want to see changes. Of course it just happens that not all changes will take place on your body. The program consists of REPEATEDLY climbing up and down a ladder with siding, nail gun and or level in hand. This exercise also focuses on your core as you maneuver yourself on the ladder and maintain your balance. Disclaimer: The potential exists that your body will feel 10 or more years older when you complete the program.

If you would like to participate in this class please contact me, as you can see there is still time available to become involved in "The Ladder" Okay, seriously... We are getting closer to having this garage done. There is certainly an amount of satisfaction that goes with "doing it yourself". There is also a certain amount of soreness that goes with "doing it yourself". Also, I am sure you noticed the lack of doors. We have the doors nicely stacked inside the garage. There are several reasons they are not yet installed. First, each door takes approximately 9-10 hours to install. Second, although I really want them on I don't want to evict our house, I mean garage guests. We have several birds nesting inside and they have dreams of starting a family. Who are we to crush their dreams?


Wrena said...

Great Post! Awsome looking Garage!

TheCottonWife said...

I like your idea of an exercise class!!

Your punks are ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

Ah....SWEAT great for working the core, abs, thighs....and......ugh knees! Hang in their kiddo, the end is in sight.
Love your house guests. Do you know what kind of bird you have taking up residence? Love

Gramma Myrna said...

I did the "Ladder exercises" too when we were building. Not only do you get the fun of the exercise hauling things up and down, I had a heavy grand daughter that thought she had to go up every time too! If I left her down at the bottom she's look up and me and cry.

I had huge bruises on the fronts of my shins for weeks from leaning into the ladder because I was up so high. The finished product is so worth it though! Myrna

Gramma Myrna said...

Where did I learn to write I wonder? "She'd look up at me and cry" is obviously what I was trying to write. :)