Saturday, June 7, 2008

Old Trucks and Cloudy Skies

I sure have enjoyed my Nikon, it was my birthday present to myself in February. Since then I have taken photos. Lots and lots of photos. Most of the ones that I call 'keepers' I have not put on my blog. I think now it is time to start putting these puppies up so I can get some feedback as to how others like or don't like them. So please, give me your comments and feedback.

These next two were taken on consecutive evenings. We have had storms roll through for at least two weeks now. What a great opportunity to take pictures.

My question is this: Which photo do you like best? They both have rainbow's but the 2nd one is more faint than the first. But in the first photo our old Chevy is wet and doesn't show the rust and aging the old girl has seen.

Leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite. Thanks!


Jen said...

I like the second one. It seems more rugged and real, depicting life. I also like the colors in the sky in that one. Both of them are awesome, though!

Wrena said...

There both great! Just depends on what you want the focus on the scenery or the antique! I favor the rusty mobile! #2 Photo takes my vote.

Anonymous said...

I'll go for Numero the gentleness of the shot. Plus love you new biz name -
"CB Photography". You are a talent. Love ya...Mom

Anonymous said...

I think they both work. One looks fresh and the other looks like Jen said just "real". Depends on what your intentions for the photos are.

Good work!

dlyn said...

Hi - my first visit to your blog. I like both photos for different reasons. Maybe with a little post processing magic you can bring out the detail in the truck a little more and then have the best of both worlds. I will be back to visit you again - nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Carin -
Thought I'd pop over and check out the photos on your real blog. You really do have a lovely touch with the camera!

The J's said...

I think I have to go with the first one, although I see the "real" in the truck on the other.
Your blog is among my top fav's, both for photos & commentary!!

Anonymous said...

No question about it the second`s the best...a little more antique in it would`nt hurt either! `new old` just doesn`t have the class that `old old`s` got!!!cb