Wednesday, June 4, 2008

That was fun...

I have had such a blast the last couple of days, thus the reason for no recent post. You see I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Basking in the sun, you ask? No. Camping in the mountains? No. Hiking the countryside in Italy? No. To Yellowstone to enjoy natures glory? No.

You see all of those are so much fun and I would have enjoyed those as well. However, I was here at home, knee deep in a complete PC restore. Ah, come on you know how much fun those can be. Who would want to do anything else? Not me. Nope, just give me my messed up computer, the need for a complete PC restore and beautiful weather. You bet. I would not have wanted to be outside working on mowing, planting, playing ball with the kids, working on our projects around here.

Now that the restore is complete and I have the majority of my software installed that means I have more time for boring things. Things like taking a walk when the sun is setting with it's gorgeous colors. Reading to our children. Taking pictures of the goldfinches. Throwing the ball with my punks. I will also have time for unnecessary things like cooking, cleaning, getting the kids ready for bed.

Yep, that sure was a fun time restoring my computer. I will cherish it deep in my memories for years to come.

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Wrena said...

FEWY! Your lucky that you love it! Or at least that you got it done!