Sunday, June 29, 2008

The old Chevy

Colt & Chevy

My lineman has had this old Chevy longer than I can remember. I love the old thing. He paid $100 for the old '49 truck at an auction up in northeastern Montana a few years before we were married. I have so many memories of that truck. Mostly trying to move it from place to place.


Years ago we needed to move the ol' gal to his uncle's farm and my lineman says to me "You drive the truck and pull me in the old '49". Oh, great. Hey, I don't mind helping out where I can but his uncle's farm I would be towing him to was 5 miles away. Not usually a big deal but there were some good hills from our place to his. Not a very big deal either..... except..... the ol' gal does NOT have brakes! "Don't worry" he says, "I'll give you hand signals and you just look back at me and you'll know what to do. And hey, don't worry Carin". Oh, this isn't going to be good.

Off we go on the dirt roads and it was going pretty good. Then we start going down a hill. I look in my mirror at him and he waves his hand from atop his nice 5-gallon bucket for a seat. I slow down. He waves again. So I speed up. Then he starts waving again like he's mad at me or something. I slow down again. And we are just getting jerked around something horrible. Then he really starts waving his hands at me. Hey, I usually do good at this kind of stuff. Why is he so mad anyway??? I gently speed up to get the trucks to work together and then he just goes wild with his arms! GOOD GRIEF. What does he want from me. Finally we get to the bottom and around a section corner and I have had enough of his non-verbal argument with me. I stop the truck and he gets his truck stopped. He comes flying out of that ol' '49 faster than I've seen him move.....

Turns out there were some bees in that ol truck that didn't want to go for a ride that day.



Anonymous said...

Thats the original "lady" in my life! Wish I could get her fixed up like it was when she rolled off the showroom floor. Colter just makes her shine! What a great picture!!!

Funny how it has become such an intregal piece of so many of the pictures?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Great photos....great story...great ol' truck! You made my day with this tale. I can't wait to see the rebirth of this ol' Chevy. Love ya...Mom

TheCottonWife said...

What a great truck! We still have every vehicle that my husband on up through his grandfather ever purchased for the farm but none are like that!

I'm jealous!!

Anonymous said...

Carin you are soofunny I`d never heard that one before. Loved the pictures maybe the old wreck is better for a backdrop than for the road very worth keeping around!! love you cb

Wrena said...

Thought I commented but there isn't one here so I will try again.

I could not help but laugh out loud when I read your post. The truck towing ordeal replay'd over in my mind. How many who knows. All I know is the junk yard has been despersed of and I AM NOT LOOKING BACK!! Although if we had one of these old beauties around, I would have never let it go!!! We'd load it up on a flat bed and we'd move it with us!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably a good thing we don't, but after all I did tell hubby before we ever got married I loved trucks!!!

Your pix are awsome ~ Lady!!!

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Tash said...

cool pictures!