Thursday, June 5, 2008

And They're Off!

The field racing today is filled with fierce competitors. It should be a fantastic race here at the Cheyenne Derby. The weather should be conducive to both the jockeys and the steeds as they prepare for the first leg in the Triple Crown. And now entering the gate is Big Blue on his tall, strong steed.

And next into the starting gate is Overcoming Odds. There has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not such a large jockey should be riding a small steed. With accidents in the past all eyes will be on these jockeys as they vie for the winning positions. --AND THEY'RE OFF!!

Just as suspected it looks like Big Blue is off to take the lead. Overcoming Odds brings up the rear of the field but we'll keep on eye on him throughout the race.

Big Blue is nearly 10 lengths in front of Overcoming Odds. All Big Blue needs to do now is run a clean race and we'll see him in Victory Lane.

Oh, no. Big Blue has strayed from the course. This is just the opportunity Overcoming Odds needs. Overcoming Odds senses the urgency and is taking advantage of the mistake by Big Blue.

Big Blue is really going to have to make up some time after letting his ride get away from him. Oh, but look now, Overcoming Odds is having trouble with his large size. His knees are causing problems, they are all the way up in the handle bars - it looks like that may be slowing him down.

Big Blue has taken advantage and is now handlebar and handlebar with Overcoming Odds.

Big Blue seizes the moment and takes the lead while Overcoming Odds is forced to dismount his steed.

UNBELIEVABLE! Overcoming Odds has taken the lead back! Big blue turned to see his opponent and lost focus and momentum with his steed.

And the winner is... Overcoming Odds by a wheel. Well raced boys!


Anonymous said...

I think you need some fresh air or maybe some medication for this condition they call wierdness.

That was pretty funny though!! Was big blue yelling "no! its my turn to win!?!?!?"

Wrena said...

Both of you crack me up!
I love your termanolagy there at the end.

Gramma Myrna said...

Great commentary, maybe you missed your called and should be a sports announcer? Or you need to get out more? :)

I read your blog everyday. I really enjoy it Carin. This one gave me a chuckle!

Gramma Myrna said...

calling.... not called! Where did I learn to type?

Anonymous said...

Loved it, loved it. Too clever!
Gramma M.

Anonymous said...

keep sending carin, love all the pictures. grandpa b

Anonymous said...

hey bridge i have 2 steeds that are 2 small eat your veggies and grow a little and youll fit them