Thursday, June 19, 2008


We took the back road home from up north over the weekend. In fifty miles the only thing we saw on the road was one car (what was it doing out there?) and this little fellow.

Awww, doesn't he just look so cute and cuddly? He was also just too friendly. Look how he is being so polite and saying hi. He even said "cheese" for the camera. We even thought about bringing him home for a pet. Of course that was not really possible after his date with a tire. Poor guy, we'll miss him so.


Anonymous said...

you know, we could have gotten an action shot out of this fella! what were we thinking?

Shamelessly Sassy said...

I would absolutely pee on myself if I saw that snake within a 100 ft. proximity of me. But I am chicken like that! :)

Anonymous said...

no offense carin but...IT AINT THAT CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahah kasey

Carl said...

Awwww, I have always wanted one of those; I have had my share of surprise encounters with these little critters myself. And no, I do not always scream like a little girl, just when there are other people around.

Just think how much fun one could have with that little guy all taxidermied up in the striking pose!