Friday, June 6, 2008

My Baby....

Well, he was my first baby. My first boy. My first boy to go to school. Today is his last day of 1st Grade! Congratulations!
We pose in this area for the first day of school and now I will make it our tradition to pose here on the last day of school.

Looky there. I see a spring in his step.

Oh yes, that is most certainly a spring in his step. Of course he is my happy and joyful son so that is no surprise to me. But today I know the reason for that spring in his step.

The last school bus ride for this 1st Grader. His bus driver, Don, is fantastic. We are really hoping Don has this route next year. What bus driver wouldn't want this route out in the country. Look at how empty the bus is! He only picks up a few kids out here.

Well, congratulations Bridger, you are on to 2nd Grade!


Bridger said...

Bus 50's motor blew up so we have 99. It has bars for backpacks and coats.

Wrena said...

What a great day! I have bounce in my step but I wipe away tears too! Our kids are growing to fast you see and there is no way to get time to go slow. Maybe I can admit some are happy tears too! Not all boo hoo hoo! Make the very most of your summer and Play very safe!

Anonymous said...

Don't blink. A hundred years comes sooner than you think. Tomorrow he will be graduating.....from college.....with his doctorate.

Anonymous said...

Wow! good job Bridger- your reading and spelling has been amazing to me this year! You are getting to be a great help around the house too.
Thanks for being such a good partner.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy checking in with you, Karen. Yes, kids do grow up way to fast. Before you know it the great things called "grand kids" come along! Maybe we will see you at Chug. Linda

Anonymous said...

Honestly Carin -- it was just a few years ago that we thought all we were ever going to get was a Grand-dog and whoever enjoyed their family more than you do yours Love you CB