Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I was not sure if I should post this or not. Then I thought that if the smallest thing that happens is prayer then that can turn into a big thing.

Angela Bird (Angie) is someone I know who is missing. She is the mother to 3 wonderful children. They attend the same school as my oldest son. I have been with the younger children in the classroom, I have played adult soccer with her and her husband . These truly are wonderful, wonderful people. I was shocked when a friend called this morning to tell me she is missing.

Please click on this link
to read the story, see her picture and know what her vehicle looks like. For those in this area we can keep our eyes open for her and we can all pray for them.


Wrena said...

chills up my spine and goose bumps all over, Wish the best and pray for them all!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely pray for her and her family. May there be peace for all. Mary

amy b. said...

I followed the link on the news story... I'm sorry for the way things turned out for your friend.

Re: a later post... your lineman is WRONG! You blog is far from lame. :)