Monday, October 6, 2008

Saturday Fall Drive

Saturday the boys and I went for a drive up to Vedauwoo. We went the back way from our place which means we never pass any type of gas station. Oh, and I should mention I only had a quarter of a tank of gas. I threw in an extra gas can in the event that I should need it.

We took off in search of some great fall foliage and a photo shoot location. There were some beautiful colors and it was just what I needed to drive around in such a relaxing place.

We found a nice little place where the aspens had turned yellow, there were a few large boulders and several large rocks. We did a mini photoshoot and then the boys explored for a bit. Then I put half of the gas can in so I wouldn't have to worry the whole way home.

The boys just had so much fun, we will probably head back again when weather permits so the boys can go hiking up there again.


Anonymous said...

That is so pretty! We don't have views like that close to us.

Lineman visited my blog this morning. Should I be scared? :)

The J's said...

Oh my goodness, that is beautiful!!
Ours are only beginning to think of turning here. It's raining today, and we need it, but always makes fall seem rather dreary. Of course I love the boy's pix up on top too!

Anonymous said...

You know Carin I think Lineman needs to have his own blog so I can comment directly to him.

Just so he knows our "romantic" honeymoon coming up in January is really a MAC Tool convention! :)

Shasta said...

That is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What great capturing of a perfect fall day! B-U-T-FULL!! I love the new banner as well, but Little Man is just that....looking like a little man and not a baby. :(
You are growing up all to fast little fella. M-B

Anonymous said...

M-B, I hope that you just misspelled that? or is it really what you spelled, butfull? I thought we were trying to be polite to carin and her pics and not telling her what we really thought???



Anonymous said...

OK Lineman...I do believe you need your own blog too!! The blog site changed the spacing of the letters. Of course I was trying to be cute and creative like the blog master and I had typed
B-U-T-FULL....of course it may just come out BUTFULL again....Ah...what can I say! LOL

Anonymous said...

leave it to me!!!!!!


Pony Girl said...

So beautiful! Don't you just love fall. I wish we had leaves like that! Your pics probably turned out great! I love the banner, I am assuming that is one of them? Your boys are adorable!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

How awesome! Is this photoshot where the new header pic came from? Love it! Your boys are darling! You can see in there eyes what sweet boys they are:):):)

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Fantastic photograph... amazing colors and the perspective is right on! Awesome... very nice indeed!!!

I thank you for coming by my blog, it was very much appreciated!!
Mountain Retreat