Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just what the doctor ordered

It was just what the doctor ordered. Actually, I never did official speak with a doctor. But had I spoken with a doctor about what was ailing me, I'm sure a doctor would have definitely ordered this.
How about this: My mom ordered it. Yup she did. And after she ordered it I had to think about it for a bit. And then, low and behold..... I ordered it for myself.
WHAT did I order? The answer: TIME. Time to myself, time without any children. I absolutely adore my children (obviously) but I never have anytime without them. Some of you may know the situation and understand. And for everyone else, trust me on this one: I needed TIME to myself. I very rarely take the time but today I took it. I took it and ran.
So I set up a time to go golfing with my friend, Jill. This gave me a chance to get out and it gave Jill a break from harvest. (uh, um... uh, I hope I didn't just get you in trouble. Come on, harvest can wait. So what if it is suppose to snow in two days).
Another friend watched my two younger boys for me. I cannot tell you how nice this was. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lisa for watching two crazy boys. Thank you. Oh, did I say thank you? Well then, thank you! Here is me in all my perfect golfing form. If you look real close you can see I'm about to hook that ball way out to the right and nearly hit an antelope on the head. The antelope ran, that's the only reason he didn't get hit.
Here is Jill, showing us how you do it! She is a blast to play with and plays really great. There are no pictures of me on the greens for this reason: I putt past the hole. Go back the other way, past the hole. Then back the other way, past the hole. And so on. So let's just look at Jill and her 30 foot putts. It's just not fair. The two of us getting ready to try to hit some antelope. Um, I mean, the two of us getting ready to try to get it on the green.
I cannot tell you just what today meant to me. I feel so refreshed. I feel like I have more energy. I feel like if I try hard enough I just might actually hit an antelope. I feel like a better mom. I feel like I could putt 20 feet, scratch that, I feel like I could putt 20 inches. I feel like it was an absolute great day.
I feel like I need to do it again!


The Cotton Wife said...

I really need to work on getting time to myself. But until the baby starts taking a bottle or sippy cup, it's not likely to happen.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! If I was a mom I'd have to have a lot of time to myself!

I've never golfed, but TNT tells me its fun. Of course he has a cooler of beer on the golf cart! For his "bachelor party" they went golfing. I have bachelor party in quotes because him or his buddies kept calling me every 1/2-hour. I guess that's a good thing they like me so much. But I have to ask is it really be a bachelor party when you talk to the fiancé every 1/2-hour?

Carin said...

Cotton Wife, work on finding that time if you can. I can't tell you how much better I feel now. Maybe you could work on getting her to take a bottle so you could get that time. Your chore today: Practice the bottle!

Sharon said...

I agree with you that every mom needs her time. When my boys were young my mil would take the boys for a day. It always made me feel so good and a better mom.
I tried golf once, but I got in a lot of swing time.
great post.
Have a nice day.

Judi said...

That's it...I'm taking up golfing. That looks like alot of fun. whhoo hoo! Of course, it could have something to do with the gorgeous scenery in the background. Maybe I just need to take a trip out to your neck of the woods. I need some different scenery than these PA hills and valleys.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows what a terrific and super mom you are. You give so much of yourself to those three darling boys every day. But every mom needs to recharge her batteries so she has more to give. Since you are one cracker jack athelete, I'm tickled you have picked up a new sport that you can do with others or by yourself when you can squeek in the "ME" time!! Yaa Hoo for you!
Look out antelope. This gal can hit a ball!

Coffee Bean said...

ooooh! That looks like fun! And what a beautiful day!

Your baby is so adorable that I'm probably going to be thinking about babies ALL DAY!

Gramma Myrna said...

It's good to get time to yourself when you're a mom. When you're a stay at home mom and so far out in the country, it's really good! Congratulations to you! Looks like you had a fun time.

I use to let the kids go home with mom and dad for a few weeks in the summer. I'd feel guilty until I would talk to them on the phone and heard what a good time they were having (if I could get them away from their fun long enough to talk!). Then I would see pictures of their time with grandma and grandpa and saw what a good time all of them were having. I then realized that I not only needed a break from them, they needed a break from me! :) It was good for all! Gramma Myrna

Carin said...

Myrna, You are right, not only do we need a little break from them but I do see they need a little break from us. The kids had so much fun playing in a new environment with someone besides ME. Hopefully a day will come when the kids can go to a granparents house - it sounds like fun for all.

Larsen's in Wyoming said...

Good for you! I'll take your boys any time you need some R&R. Sometimes I'll get a babysitter and go shopping for a few hours, it is my therapy!
To answer your question, we absolutely still want to do pictures, but my husband wants pine trees instead of fall colored trees. Nick thought Vedauwoo would be a cool spot, is that too far for you? I guess we'll send Christmas cards instead of Thanksgiving. We want to schedule a time in November. We'll be gone until the 8th, but let me check Nick's schedule and then coordinate a date. Would you want to do it on a Saturday? Have you done Tami, Brett and Adam yet? When you do, I'd love to watch your boys.

Anonymous said...

what about me?????

oh, that is considered selfish?

Glad you had fun!


ps- glad I can blame everything on m-b from here on out, I got no reply so that must mean I am good to go!!

Wrena said...

No snow there? Yet?? Sounds llike it is coming down up north and it is looking like it will be here by the weekend but by then I will be up north.
Well any way glad to see no coats yet!!!

cheyest said...

I've been feeling guilty for not offering to give you an occasional break. If we happen to be home sometime when you can get away for some "girl" time call and I'll either come out to your house or you can bring them in to ours.

LLL said...

Hey there! We had a good time too! You should check out the pictures on my Smugmug ( Also, I'm sorry I didn't get your message about watching the little fellas again because we were up in the Big Horns elk hunting. :) You'll have to check out those pictures too. It was a blast. See you soon!