Friday, October 17, 2008

Milk cow anyone?

I went to Sam's club today for one thing and one thing only. MILK. Not just a gallon, not two, not three, not four...... but FIVE gallons of milk. And we have two open gallons in the fridge already.
So, my questions for you......
1. Is this a lot of milk for a family with 3 boys? Or is this normal?
2. If we are going through this kind of milk now, what will happen when they are teenagers?
3. Would it be good for our family to get a milk cow?
4. If I had a milk cow I could spray milk at the kittens while they try to stand up and lap the milk. I know that's not a question but it sounds like fun.
5. If the cost of milk is based on the basics of economics - supply and demand - is my family partly to blame for the high cost of milk?
6. If I put milk mustaches on each of our family members could we be in a magazine ad?
Now, go bake some cookies and serve them with a tall glass of cold milk!


Anonymous said...

I don't know the answer to all of your questions, but I do know that three boys go through a TON of milk! I have four and we (or should I say "they" - since I don't drink the stuff) go through a gallon a day at least. So you are right on target... and yes... it gets worse when they are teens/tweens. Brace yourself and maybe start a savings fund for food!!
Cute site, I will be back! Came from Adventure Girls site.

Carin said...

haffnewie thanks for stopping by! four boys! wow! I bet you go through a lot of food too, thanks for stopping by.

Kristen said...

WOW!! But our family may be catching up with yours in "milk volume" in a few years. When David was younger and living at home he and his brother would go through a gallon of milk in one setting. (Until their parents quit buying it except once a week!) ;) Just the two of us go through a gallon every 2 or 3 days, and that's not counting what Jacob goes through on his own (we drink 2%, he drinks whole).'re probably going through about an average amount. We may have to do what "haffnewie" suggested and start a savings fund just for milk too!

On that note I think I'll go bake some cookies. Come on over. ;)

J K L M N O P said...

Ummmm - family of 7 and I don't drink - use on cereal occasionally only! I buy 2 gallons every other day or so. I do it often since Jay has problems if milk gets a little old and he drinks quite a bit. Now grocery bills - I don't keep track - I'm afraid it would scare the livin' out of everyone including me and Jay! Some things are best not to know! (If I told you what I think it is - noone would believe so ...)

Carin said...

jklmnop - I think it would scare us all to know what you spend on groceries for your family of 7! We are sending a milk cow your way =)

Anonymous said...

I think I'll have a warm chocolate chipper with the chocolate still gooey to go with that tall glass of cold milk! And I say....Go buy that milk cow!!! Koda will have something to herd! M-B

Adventure girl wanna be said...

You should def get a milk save money AND being to spray the kitty's:):):);)

I gave you an award over at my place!

Anonymous said...

I am not a milk drinker at all. My mom said even when I was little I'd take water over milk. I buy a 1/2 gallon of milk and I usually have to pour it out cause it's sour. TNT will drink a glass here and there, but not very often.

Anonymous said...

We don't drink much milk, in fact I buy a gallon and we drink 1/2 and I throw away 1/2 usually. Why not buy 1/2 gallons you say? It's too expensive! :) Got to love logic! I know that Brooklyn alone could go through a gallon in a few days. She loves milk! Chocolate is the best.

Since winter is coming and you're a ways out of town you should check out PW's old posts (if you didn't already see it). She did a questionaire on freezing milk. When we lived in a remote town when the kids were young I use to freeze our milk. You have to wait for it to totally thaw before using any since the fat separates. But it works pretty good.

Have fun with those grocery bills! I don't envy you three boys and a husband to feed! :) Myrna

Mazz said...

Be sure the milk is local and organic or at least from cows raised on open pasture and grass fed and no added hormones like rBST.