Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gramma Time

My mom came to visit with us all last week. The boys really love to have her come visit. It's a pretty long drive but she tries to get down here about every month or two. Most of the family is up in Montana with more grandparents in Cali and an uncle in Wisconsin.... so basically everyone is far, far away. We fit in a ton of things when she was here. Can anyone say... wait for it.... golf? Yeah, we may have done that.

There is my mom with Little Man. She's funny and nice and smart... and skinny, some things just aren't fair!

She had a ball with the kids and the kids had a ball with her. Of course getting used to the sound level in our house takes some getting used to. Even Lineman isn't used to the sound level - especially in the car. If you want to pick on him ask him how he likes driving with all the kids!

Okay, you see this picture? This is basically how they looked her entire visit. Little Man figured out that if he held on to those hands and started walking she would be forced to keep him going. One night they did about a half marathon in our house. Makes my back hurt just thinking about it.
Thanks for coming down mom, your bed will be ready again next week!


Anonymous said...

Tell your wonderful mother to give Lineman all the crap she can! :)

I loved my time with my Grandparents. I was very lucky and lived a mile and 2 miles from both Grandparents until I was 12. But I spent every weekend with them in Middle School. Those were the best times!

Carin said...

Carrie- My Mom and Lineman really like to give each other a hard time. Do you remember the Obama sign my mom made for Lineman... ah, it's endless between these two.

J K L M N O P said...

There's nothing like a g'ma - and even better when the mil and sil can give each other a bad time and still be best of friends!! Your house reminds me so much of ours!! The noise level - I've given up on doing a thing about it! but it can be hard esp if you aren't around it all the time!! Tell Lineman he just needs to learn how to join those boys in the car - believe me it works - (shhhhh it just gets louder! :))

Adventure girl wanna be said...

How sweet! What great memories! I am glad you have your mama!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your updates, Carin. When Stacie was home last week we would often have all 5 grandkids together and 5 kids under 4 do make noise. Stacie was wondering what it was like when her cousins would get together....maybe 12-16 of them! I have forgotten so I guess the noise level wiped out my memory! Enjoy the day. Linda

Anonymous said...

Who said it was the kids that were being loud and bothering me? All I heard was blah-blah-blah and I told the whole car to be quiet. It could have been Carin, Can't say that I was listening that close!!! (Is that unusual?)

Carrie, you should get used to that from TNT, I am sure that if he has not learned it yet , he will!!

Lineman (lol)

Tash said...

he is getting so big and looking so cute!