Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Poncho & Lefty

I was browsing through some music earlier, listening to some Willie, Waylon, Merle... the good ones. I came across a song that made me think back to my high school days. Poncho and Lefty.

When I was in High School I was very involved in FFA. I think it must have been my Junior year that I had veal calves as one of my projects. I had a pair of them that I got from our favorite dairy in the area. We brought them home and thought about what to name them. I finally came up with names to suite them: The first one I named Poncho Veal-a and so I named the other one Lefty to go with. I can fondly remember the smell of milk replacer that I would feed to them. Man I loved those two animals!

Now when Poncho and Lefty come up on my music player maybe you'll think of two cute veal calves instead of two outlaws.


Anonymous said...

I just finished a post last night about how certain songs trigger memories from your past. Then you throw this post out. Great minds think alike!

I plan to post it when I'm really busy at work and don't have time to be creative.

Anonymous said...

The one thing we get to carry through life are memories of great experiences. Thanks for jogging my memory about ol' Poncho and Lefty. M-B

Carin said...

hey M-B, did you forget about Poncho and Lefty? I love the picture of you holding three little lambs.

Farmchick said...

That is too funny and very clever! Come over and visit me again sometime!