Thursday, October 2, 2008

It ain't the fall......

Here is a quote from Lineman regarding yesterday's post:

There isn't anything about being a lineman to be afraid of but there are two things that you gotta remember and live by if you wanna do this work.....#1. Gravity stinks#2. It ain't the fall, it is the sudden stop that will get you everytime.

And in the spirit of his funny comment, here is something fo you to watch and maybe laugh at.
One thing I laugh at is the guys name appears to be "Goo". He is doing a pole top rescue. All lineman have to do this to prepare for a real incident. They are timed as well, that's why you'll hear people shouting "Come on, Goo"

And yes, he probably did get hurt. And no, we don't know him.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I have seen this video so many times I can't even count that high but I laugh so hard I got tears running down my face!!! Poor 'ol Goob just ain't got it all together does he??

I don't know who needed the rescuing more---Goob or the Dummy!?!??

I also wonder how the dummy faired!!


Just ain't real politically correct am I? Sorry---

Anonymous said...

So is Goo's real name Lineman? I bet that was really Lineman up on that pole. :)

Carin said...

Oh No Carrie, you're in for it now! Let me tell you about Lineman... he is ORNERY!!!! Somehow I think you could handle it pretty well though.

Anonymous said...

I felt kind of bad for giving him crap without even knowing him, but I couldn't resist!

I work with 25 men I can hold my own when it comes to dishin' it out and takin' it! :)

I can't get my code to work so I'm anonymous.


Kristen said...

Now THAT'S funny!! Thanks for the laugh.