Thursday, October 23, 2008

I do not allow it

I do not allow it. Racing. Racing on our property. As much as I say this I think it falls on deaf ears. So as long as I don't allow racing and they are still going to race anyway, I might as well have my camera out and take some pictures.
Here is Lineman and the oldest boy racing up the drive way. They always start down by the road and race up. Lineman usually give him a little head start.
That boy of our cracks me up. He has his head down, throttle pulled all the way and is giving it all the machine has. He is usually yelling too. Or laughing. Or giving the play by play about how he is beating his competition. I can hear all this over the sound of the bikes and from quite a distance too. Cracks me up I tell ya.

They are racing to get to the top first. But what's this I see? I think Lineman should be disqualified for going out in the pasture. Hey, you're racing a 7 year old kid, no cheating!


carrielt said...

It's pretty sad when you have to cheat your own kid to win. HEHE!

Anonymous said...

Cheater, cheater!! Stop!!!
Give the kid a break!! M-B

Anonymous said...

you two are so clueless...when the brat is taking up the whole road weaving back and forth he's just lucky I didn't pull the bump and run on him! Besides, if I let him win he gets a big head and starts acting like you----

So you see its just best that I keep him in his place,,just like I try to do with you!!! (heavy on the try part)

Carrie, I have my hands full with M-B I may have to have a talk with TNT, I can see that he is losing control here!!! (hehe)


Anonymous said...

Pure justification I say Mr. Lineman! I stand by my prior words...."Give the kid a break"!!

Anonymous said...

You do realize that I am getting older every year and pretty soon 15mph will seem pretty fast because I will have the shakes so bad I won't be able to hold the handlebars straight and getting my hands and feet to operate together to make the bike go fast, (15mph), will be a virtual impossibility. So by using this judgement I calculate that I only have a few years left to beat the oldest one and then I will have to move on to the middle one and beat him. By that time hopefully the little man will be working his way up and I will be able to hold off the shakes long enough to take care of business with him. After that I will probably join ranks with grumpy granny out of a pure lack of ability to beat my own kids!!


The J's said...

Thanks for the laugh!
Enjoy the moments & put everything into it now. Spending time with them (even racing or on the roof!) is worth every bit of it. It will make all the difference when they are teens!

carrielt said...

I guess Lineman has to win now cause one day the boys will be able to take their old man! :)

J K L M N O P said...

Soooooooo Funnnnnyyyyy!!

I still think - since you did such an awesome job on the wheelies! - that you should go teach Lineman a thing or two and beat him! Make him use #1 son's bike too!!

Anonymous said...


I would tie one hand behind my back and use the littlest bike against Carin just to even up the field!!! (she would lose to, probably because she gets the giggles when I ride that bike!)


Kristen said...

Just remember Lineman...your kids pick your nursing home. ;) I think I'd "let" them win every now and then. ;)

Anonymous said...


no worries there---I'll probably be dead by then anyhow! (especially if I try to keep up those three meatheads for the rest of my life!) lol


Carin said...

Kristen - you have me rolling on the floor with that one! Great comment!!!!

thedomesticfringe said...

Ya, that looked like cheating to me. Lots of fun though.

the sits girls said...

That's pretty funny. We have to admit that his cheating to beat his son is kind of hilarious. Glad you got some good photos.

Now put them both in time out. hehe