Friday, October 3, 2008

Down at the Dam

A few Saturday's ago we went to the dam near us so the boys could go fishing. Of course after a few casts they would rather just go climb in the hills. So that pretty much left me, Lineman and Little Man watching the fishing poles. And I didn't even go to fish! It was fun though. I saw a ton of tracks while we were there.

Anyone care to leave a comment on what you think some of these tracks are from? You can do it! Just take a few guesses.


J K L M N O P said...

I'll take a shot - but mind you I'm not outdoorsy so - guesses only - and not very educated! The first two look like a large cat track - the next one I'm pretty sure contains a deer track and there must be some coon or something on that order in those last two?!

Anonymous said...

I left a message and it's not showing up.

Bear, coyote, raccoon, deer.

It's doing it again! Carrie

Anonymous said...

Hummmm....Racoon?? Deer!! Squirrel?? M-B

Anonymous said...

Love your new "Banner"!!
You are toooo creative!! M-B

Anonymous said...

can't you tell a bigfoot track when you see it? Bear???? Coyote??



Pony Girl said...

I'm guessing raccoons, coyotes...deer.
BEARS? Really? Yikes!