Saturday, October 25, 2008

Indian Summer

But is it still really an Indian Summer day when the wind is blowing 40 miles per hour and you have to wear layers and layers of clothes? That's okay, we'll still take a decent day, anything to delay the propane man from driving up our driveway. We did take advantage of a nice day to play at the park before swimming lessons. Speaking of swimming lessons, it's still just warm enough that they don't have to cut holes out of the ice for the kids to go swimming.
The kids love to go to the park. We usually go twice a week before lessons. Anything it takes to just burn off some of their energy. Trust me on this one... there is LOTS of energy to burn off!

Is it because of their dad that they aren't afraid of heights? Must be because they sure didn't get that trait from me.

I really enjoy this picture of my middle boy. Being the smaller kid on a teeter totter certainly does have it's advantages. First off he does absolutely NO work on the teeter totter. Second, he basically gets all the fun. Fair or not? Not sure on that one.

The Little Man is really getting in to an age that I love. I love my kids so much but the baby stage is pretty hard. Now we get to see personality, energy, playfulness, the list goes on. Oh, he is Lineman's son so we must also add to the list: stubborn and ornery. Thankfully he got a lot of my genes so he's a real sweetheart.
It was off to swimming lessons next and we had quite the driver. Hey, in the country you gotta start the kids young!


Anonymous said...

I love the teeter totter picture! And little man driving! Hey I started driving young too, but not that young! :) Have a great weekend.

You and Lineman have fun shaking hands!

Anonymous said...

That middle boy sure knows how to get some air. Can you see pole vaulting in his furture?? Anything high and wild is just his speed. Fot this gal it was a ball watching the boys playing outside....while I watching from the warmth and wind barrier of their Suburban! OK, lineman, NO comments about me wimping out and staying where it was warm!! M-B

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are all having a blast! Teeter-totters have to be one of the best inventions ever! (especially if you can find someone bigger than you for the other side!)

Great pics!


The J's said...

The teeter totter picture is great! Well, of course they all are! Looks like the little guy's got everything he needs...the phone & wheels!

Anonymous said...

How great is that teeter tot picture!!! I love it. Good photography...helps that you have cute kids. :)

Rhea said...

Great photos! Your boys are ADORABLE. I love the teeter totter photo where that younger son is catching air. HILARIOUS.

Anonymous said...

Loved the picts love the energy they emit wish I still had some!! I see Baby Love is still sticking out his tounge Can hardly wait to see them cbinu

J K L M N O P said...

Lovely!! We too are enjoying warmer temps!! 75 yesterday and should be close again today!