Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Whew, that was close!

They finally started pouring concrete yesterday! What a day. It sure was fun to watch... except for this part. ... Ummm.. where ya going with that truck?

You sure are getting close to the house. Ummm.. are you watching your mirror or the guy on the ground?
Wow, this is close. Where ARE you going???
Look at my middle punk and his faithful dog in the door. Is he looking at how close that truck is to my house? Does he care? All he cares about is there is one awesome looking concrete truck RIGHT here. How cool is that? And me? All I can think about is that the truck is 2 centimeters from the house and 2 centimeters from the form they just placed.
Ahhhh, so that is where they are going. Yee-Haw! Here comes the first of the concrete.


Wrena said...

WOW - that is close, you and I would for sure think there was a better way to get in there? but I guess not! LOL Glad it is in and you don't have to reside your house!

Kids are so fasinated with adult tasks! Trucks, Nurses, even manking cookies it is all much more amusing than coloring or putting together a puzzle, you know the kid stuff.

Thanks for sharing

Brenda said...

Um yeah, that is quite close! I bet you guys are getting so excited!! What a cool thing for little boys to watch...