Monday, April 7, 2008

Run Daddy, Run!

Colter was riding at age 3 last year but only for little stretches at a time. This was his first real attempt at riding the motorcycle for any distance. He did an awesome job of giving his dad a workout. Who needs a treadmill? Just run after a kid on a motocycle... Now that's a workout!

Wow, has he got the hang of this or what! Look at him look ahead to the turn and then lean right into it.

One last good run for dad on the way back to all the bikes.


Wrena said...

Great Pictures! Love the post!

Anonymous said...

next time I am going to wear my track shoes---It's pretty fun to se them finally take off though.

Anonymous said...

What a day....what fun for all even with the "chase" for Russ!

Brenda said...

Good grief I can't believe that kid is doing that already! You are raising some real B-O-Y-S aren't ya??? LOL Looks like they are having a blast too. I love that you take all the pictures and post them here!