Monday, April 21, 2008

And the winner is.......

This was really, really a tough decision. I loved reading through all of the entries. There were those that went with the name Austin, those that had to do with the kitten being near death (or dead, who knows), those that were unique and just the plain funny. Take some time to read all the comments, they were all great suggestions!

In the end I finally had to enlist the help of all my boys. Phew, then we had all sorts of ideas on which name was the best. I never did tell them who supplied which name which helped to keep it on a level playing field since I enlisted their help.

In the end, the winner is....... drum roll please.......


The boys loved the sound of it and that he should just "go be a cat". My middle punk has been running around the house yelling, "Gobi, Gobi, Gobi". So I guess that settles it.
Is it me, or do these two form a heart. So, to the winner I will be sending the Starbucks gift card. In addition, I neglected to inform all participants that the winner would also receive the kitten. Just look for a box in the mail!


Wrena said...

Gobi! That is cute! That recipient is one lucky WINNER! LOL Thanks for the fun!!!

Anonymous said... it, love it, love it!
Yeah from Grampa B. Mary