Monday, April 7, 2008

When We Grow Up

Brent doing some wheelies... Brian doing some wheelies...
Colt: "Hey, ya want to go do that?"
Emily: "Ummmm, I dunno."
Colt: "Come on, it'll be fun."
Emily: "Sure, let's do it, you go first."
Colt: "Ummmm, okay, maybe when we grow up?"
Emily: "Ya, maybe that's a better idea."


Wrena said...

way to cute! Wise Girl Smart Guy! LOL! another adorable post!

Anonymous said...

And I was sitting on the sidelines trying to catch my breath from chasing after Colter! I keep trying to tell him throttle- throttle throttle and then when he finally does get it I have to run like the dickens to catch him---
I have faith that the pieces of the puzzle will all come together for him?????