Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two Accidents * Two Teeth * One Day

What a day for Bridger. After picking him and a friend up from school I thought I would take them to the park before soccer practice. He and I were playing on the neatest new playground equipment, reminds me of my favorite one back when I was his age. We called it "The Thing". I think this piece will also be appropriately called "The Thing". You hold on to a circular bar that is tilted on it's axis. Then you run at the bottom and hold on as you are swung around until your feet are able to touch again. So, we take off and my oldest punk then goes flying.... off.... and lands.... on his...... mouth! Blood was everywhere! And his front tooth was out, just like that!

We got it fairly cleaned up and headed to soccer practice. I was visiting with a friend and he comes running up to me. He got kicked by the ball..... in the....... mouth! Blood was everywhere! And his front tooth was out, just like that! (hmmmmm deja vu)
True to his style, he always has a smile on his face. Boy we love him for that!


Anonymous said...
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Wrena said...

Holly Moly! I am glad to see a grin and hope the new ones are hear before December! Wrylees mouth was empty at once but some were had to be pulled. Take it easy the rest of the week! So you can keep your eyes and nose intact! jokes

me said...

looks like i need more time in school for english! it is late sorry for the extra were, i shoulda cought that proofing or would you when you've been in elementary school all day only one month left! Are you so looking forward to it!?

Anonymous said...

Man bridger,
You and Bode are about back the same stage!!! You were drooling pretty bad tonight, pretty soon your shirt will be all wet just like Bode's----
Hope you feel better tomorrow

Gena said...

Ouch!! Makes my teeth hurt! Doesn't seem to bother him though! Does the tooth fairys payout go up when you loose your teeth like that??