Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Garage: Part 3

Some facts about our garage: The dimensions are 32' x 40' with 12' sidewalls and it will be 2x6 construction. The garage doors are going to be 10' x 10' so obviously we need 12' sidewalls. Seems pretty straigh forward, right?

Now, why in the world is hubby standing there with a tape measure on that stack of wood? It clearly reads 2 x 6 x 12. This is about when the first of our troubles kick in. They are in fact 2 x 6's but they are actually 10 footers. WHAT? So that mistake set us back two days waiting for them to deliver the correct size.

Okay, now that we have the right size for the walls hubby gets right to work framing it up. If you recall in my last post I mentioned something about being a scaredy cat. Big whimp might sum it up really well actually. Hubby says to put the needy baby down and come help the needy hubby. Actually, he didn't say that. Sorry, I'll try to stick to the truth, for a few moments anyhow. Soooooo I went to help him stand up this portion of the wall. This is the point where I crawl into the fetal position and cry for my mommy. And that's when I hear "Get a grip, take a breath and let's do this". Let me tell you something about where we live. One word. WIND. Not just any old wind either. Sustained wind in the 30's with gusts in the 50's-60's or even worse. It isn't uncommon whatsoever to see semi's blown over on the interstate here. The wind was blowing pretty good, pushing that wall and making me quite nervous, scared, anxious, terrified, petrified, oh, you get the point.

So here I am trying my hardest to be of some help. Any help. Just something for my guy that is working so hard. I manged to "get a grip, take a breath and get the wall up". Not without any scarring memories though.

But would you lookie there. I actually helped get that wall up. And I didn't even need any anti-anxiety meds. For this wall anyway.
And for this picture above... this is the bright spot in my day! Our fabulous neighbors/wonderful friends took it upon themselves to just show up and help! Can you believe it?! That is Karl on the right. He and my guy put that wall up without even asking for my help. Wow, thanks Karl, I think I can stop shaking now.
Wow eezers. They got another wall up. I actually helped with that one. That is to say my hands were on the wood. Not sure if that constitutes as help though.

What I really want to focus on in the picture above is actually the car there on the right. See that, yes, that is where my day got even brighter. Karl's wife showed up with chili and stayed to watch our boys, really to watch the baby so I could help the guys where they needed me. I don't know how in the world we got so lucky to have them as neighbors. That we call them friends is even better. Thanks you guys.
Sitting down on the job? Well, not actually, he was kicking a wall out to meet the edge. This is how our nights are going right now. Lights on. Working late. Seeing progress. Falling into bed.


Anonymous said...

Russ...You are doing one heck of a great job on this project!! It is looking fantastic. What a blessing to have such great friends and neighbors to lend a hand. I love the nighttime shot. It look so warm, but....I have a feeling it must have been pretty chilly out there. How about another pot of hot coffee! Mary

Wrena said...

It truly looks AWSOME! There is no better word, well other than, it looks like work. It is so worth it! You are so LUCKY to have great assistance + relief!! No doubt about it if we were not 10 hours away we'd be there with hammer & a lil grub! I know lame excuse -huh? I am so enjoying your posts!