Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Garage: Part 2

It is going to be another crazy busy day today. I better get these pics of our project up now or I never will.

Here they are working on the breezeway and the apron for the garage. I said before I didn't think it looked very big. That was when it was just framed in and dirt. Now that the concrete is placed it looks, oh shall we say, NOT small. The garage portion is going to be 32' x 40' with 12' side walls. I am told that is not a bad size at all. Some even say it is on the quite large size. So, I think we could say hubby is going to be very happy. Now, if we could have done it I don't think he wouldn't have minded an even bigger garage. Okay, let's get to the real important stuff. That's right. My ornery punks hands in concrete so we can see how he grows through the years. He was so thrilled to do this. I must say I was a bit bumbed that the oldest was at school and the youngest was sleeping. We will just have to get some more concrete so they can get there hands in there too, that's all there is to it.
I suppose we will blink our eyes and it will be 20 years from now and this handprint will just seem so teeny tiny.
So there ya have it. The concrete is done and we have started with the building.
In my next post I will let you know how scared I can get, how much of a baby I am, how... oh you get the idea.


Wrena said...

Looks good Guys! What happened to the fella that lost his boots, hope the rest of him is still intact! Just kidding! But you knew that! I must say the hand is darling! Glad your project is on its way! (Concrete is outa sight around here, for the projects we have in mind)I can hear Wades groans now. HE always says (our)this garage is dinky. But we we bought a house his specifications were detatched two vehical. I give up! Some day Hunny! Right! That is positive anyway.
Sorry for a book again!

just me said...

? Is that side walk chalk?

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Let the good times roll"! The garage is actually becoming a reality. Love Colter's handprint. And to think he didn't manage to get footprints anywhere!! Mom

Anonymous said...


Brenda said...

Wow, it does look like it will be a big garage! Love Colter's hand print, but yes, you will need to add more concrete so you can have all three boys handprints!! :)