Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback ~ The Truck…

Friday Photo Flashback

Remember this picture from last week and I told you I had a story or two about this truck?

College 001

Oh that truck! Lineman named him Teddy, for Theodore Rosevelt, “rough ridin’ son of a gun” he would say. I remember driving around with Dwight Yoakum blaring on the radio. I think we wore that tape player out! The truck had a 454 in it and boy did it sound good. He remodeled the inside of the cab with cool switches for the radio, CB, lights, you name it. To say he liked that truck would be an understatement.

MSU 001

This is all of course while we were just dating in college in Bozeman. My friend and roommate, Willow and I had to go pick up some horses in Butte. He said, “Just take my truck”. **Gulp** Take his truck. I guess I should have known by that how much he cared for me already. Because he really, really, liked that truck. Willow and I had a blast on that trip, in spite of one of the horses falling down in the trailer coming down Homestake Pass outside of Butte (he was fine). We talked to truckers the whole time on the CB.

Lineman converted the truck to propane a few years earlier. One night during winter we were driving around when he noticed he was low on gas (propane). Apparently I, yes me, had driven it earlier in the day. Not like you can just go to the corner Town Pump and fill up. We headed toward the place he got fuel….. only to run out of gas several miles away. In winter. He ran all the way there while I sat in Teddy. He ran back carrying a small propane tank. To this day I am NOT allowed to get my tank under a half a tank. Ever. Especially in winter. But I do, don’t tell Lineman.

Not long after that Lineman’s aunt passed away. He said he would take my Ford Ranger and leave me Teddy to get better gas mileage. He also said there was a minor problem with a propane valve and gave me instructions on what to do to start the truck.

Well, I went out one evening to start his truck and I had to keep doing the little trick and it wouldn’t work. I tried it one last time and turned the key. I heard a pop. Not good I thought to myself.

Then I saw a little bit of smoke.

Then I saw more smoke.

They I saw a big ball of flame!

Ahhhhhhhh TEDDY WAS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

I ran into the dorm, called campus police… and they put me on hold. Seriously. About 5-8 minutes later the fire department showed up…. but it was a huge ball of fire.

MSU 006

MSU 007 I talked to Lineman later that night and he could tell something was wrong. I told him about Teddy and he said he was glad I was okay.

The truck was dragged over to the football stadium and this is what he saw when he returned from his aunts funeral…..

MSU 009

MSU 010

The firemen had taken an axe to the dash and there was no way a college student could come up with the cash to fix it. He sold the truck to a buddy for parts…. it had a brand new transmission in it.

I burned Teddy to a crisp and yet Lineman still married me.

But he gave me a concussion and I still married him. But that’s a whole nother story!


Robyn said...

Oh No you burned up Teddy and Lineman still married you, wow you go girl!.....LOL Great pictures to go with the story behind it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Karen, you are always good for a laugh. I can just feel the horror when Teddy caught on fire...oh, my!! I'm glad Lineman knew a real gem when he found one. :-)

JesuLalaine said...

wow! what an amazing story! and I'm so touched with the happy ending that Lineman still married you even after burning up precious Teddy..:)

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what a great story from pictures..

Alicia said...

Aww! When I reading this I kept saying, "Awe.....awe.....AWE!!"

What a great guy to not have blamed you!! You must have freaked out for sure!!!

But, the most important thing was that your were okay!!!

A Lady Called Amy said...

You're a good story teller. Thank you for sharing!

Wrena said...

♥♥ HIS wold wouldn't be the same without you, fire or no fire ♥♥ tough situations make us grow closer...
"Boys and there tricked out trucks" My guy totaly fits the part too... ☺

Anonymous said...

Those were the days! Very well told story, Carin. Great that you have the photos to go along with the memories. And yes, the best part is knowing he loved you more than Teddy.

Darcie said...

Carin, Carin, Carin!! You know your husband loves you MORE than ANYTHING, right? I am so trying not to laugh, but "WOW"'s just a little bit funny, and sad all rolled into one.

You two make a great team...I SO need to meet you! Someday.

Anonymous said...

The truck did its part--it got me my girl!! LOL

You can always replace them,,,,,,the truck I mean!

wow, the memories-

Sharon said...

Wow, that was such a great story and it had a happy ending.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how much you dreaded that call after Teddy burned up. Well the story about Teddy is better than ones I was thinking. lol

Happy Weekend.

♥The imPerfect Housewife♥ said...

You ruined the man's car and he still married you - I'd say hang onto that cowboy!! GREAT flashback pictures, sad though they are ~ ♥

christy rose said...

Now that is LOVE!!!! :) Great story and great pictures Carin!

Laura said...

Poor Teddy!

(head hanging in shame)I have fallen away from the weekly photo. I am too far gone. Fallen into the mom trap. Every picture: no mom. Have to wait until vacation again next year. sniff.

jen@odbt said...

What a story. Glad you ended up with Lineman and can't wait to hear the concussion story.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Awwww, Poor Teddy! I like the ending though!

Erin said...

You burned up his truck and he still married you? That IS love! You must have died when that happened, seriously! (P.S. I'm from Los Angeles doesn't surprise me that the fire department put you on hold!)

And you took pictures of the burnt truck? I'm not sure if that was kind or cruel!

sweet_shelo said...

Hi.. You always have a wonderful story to tell that goes with your photo flashback. I find your entry always amazing. This one now is so great.. That truck has a lot of story wonderful memories. Too bad that Teddy got on fire, but too sweet as Mr. Lineman still married you. What a manifestation of a sweet sweet love..

☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ said...

What a story!
And what a perfect ending!
Great photo flashback =)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great stories (and story telling)! And great photos...what a flashback!


What a great post. Great flashback pictures.

Kim said...

What a great story! The pictures really said it all. My husband has averaged a vehicle a year since we met...we meet 14 years ago! I am glad Lineman was more attached to you than the car, true love if he still married you despite setting his beloved truck a fire!

Hope your weekend was great!